The Summer break you hadn’t thought of...yet!

Sure, university summer breaks in Spain and Thailand are fun! Endless selfies of you and your friends drinking cocktails at sunset and partying in’s an ideal holiday for plenty of students...but maybe not for YOU...


Maybe YOU are craving a meaningful adventure, you want to BE someone different and DO something special. Something that makes you feel like you’ve reinvented yourself. You want to come back from your break with more self-confidence and maybe even a bit of swagger.


If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone, but you are part of a growing trend of independent uni students using summer break to advance themselves by going further afield, MUCH further!


You probably know one of these people, they’re constantly uploading footage of themselves hiking beside volcanoes, skiing off-piste, snowboarding, bungy jumping, caving, penguin and sea lion spotting!


But where are they? Surely they’re travelling through heaps of different countries to get those sort of experiences, and surely it must be expensive? Actually, it’s not...and actually, they’re only in one country...New Zealand!


Check out the NZ Winter Explorer Program 2017 timetable here.


New Zealand is a major player in life changing jaw dropping mind blowing adventures. The landscape is so varied it’s like someone took all their favourite places in the world and combined them into one mini-world. Happily they left out all the scary beasts so you can even wander around it in peace (apparently if you stay the night in the bush the only thing natural thing that could harm you is the cold!). No wonder it is known as ‘Godzone’.


A surge of interest in New Zealand winter adventure holidays has been trending for a while. Popstar Ed Sheeran spent a GAP year in New Zealand, posting lots of instagram pictures including one of the canyon swing he did in Queenstown. Ed’s love for New Zealand is big, he felt inspired to write new material there, and now wears a greenstone necklace sourced in Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand...just ask the way everyone in NZ knows each other hence we all have him on speed dial).


So if you haven’t heard much about New Zealand in a broad sense, you’ve probably already heard of Queenstown? It has been dubbed the Adventure Capital of the World, and it’s fair to say its nightlife has also become legendary, so combining words like SUMMER BREAK - QUEENSTOWN and KIWI’s might give your parents visions of you in a bar burning cash (theirs) while falling in love with an R-rolling southerner, drinking yourself into a stupor and waking up in the gutter spooning a sheep...whoa! Settle Mum, that’s Australia ;-)


No Ma we’re talking about a REAL New Zealand experience, where GAP means Get Amongst People, Get A (new) Perspective and Grow A Person. We’re talking the kind of pioneering, ‘puts hairs on your chest’ personal growth that only the University of Life can offer.


Yes, it’s on the other side of the planet from what are you waiting for?!


There’s nothing like a bit of Kiwi can-do to push you gracefully out of your comfort zone and into the best version of yourself you ever met (do I hear the dulcet tones of someone falling in love with their life?).

Forget the sales pitch to your parents.


YOU need to come to New Zealand, YOU need to make this happen. Because it really WILL change your life. In 75 days time, you won’t recognise yourself.


75 days? Yes, that just happens to be the precise length of the incredible, all-inclusive: NZ Winter Explorer Program.


NEW ZEALAND WINTER EXPLORER PROGRAM                                

 12th June- 25th August 2017


The NZ Winter Explorer program has been unashamedly designed to fit in perfectly with your university summer break (how convenient). We - Pure Exploration New Zealand - have deliberately assembled a jam packed adventure itinerary of things in both the North and South islands that we know you’ll love. These are activities we personally enjoy ourselves, and ones that will push your life into a happy place.


You’ve been studying your butt off. You’re oxygen deprived and generally confused (we just made that up about you, but anyway what DO you want to do with your life?!) So, after having your mind focused for so long on all that theory, we reckon you need to blow it out with some fresh alpine air, volcanic landscapes, sensational hikes, caving, skiing, culture and fun!


Turn your world into a VERB x 3 : Doing, Doing, Doing!.


Come to New Zealand this June to begin a journey through the best adventure activities EVER with qualified, experienced and enthusiastic local adventure tourism guides at your side (us).


The New Zealand Winter Explorer Program includes all your food (except for free days when you’re off doing your own thing) all your accommodation, your transport, your adventure activities and adventure equipment, the cost of your amazing guides; it also includes the Outdoor First Aid and Avalanche Awareness certificates you’ll be earning ;-)


Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll DO with the team at Pure Exploration on the NZ Winter Explorer Program:

  • Skiing/snowboarding on New Zealand’s best ski fields (all levels welcome, lessons included)

  • Camping and caving in natural alpine environments

  • Learning back-country travel and avalanche safety

  • Taking part in an environmental sustainability project

  • Experiencing local Maori iwi, learn about their culture and history

  • Discovering a variety of adventure activities - mountain biking, climbing/abseiling, snowshoeing, ice climbing and more…

  • Climbing at least one of New Zealand’s amazing ‘alpine summits’

  • Living in the thriving alpine resort community of Queenstown

BASE CAMP - Queenstown

Your basecamp will be in Queenstown, in the stunning southern alps of New Zealand.


Queenstown will smack you awake with its vibrant pulse, and Middle Earth/Lord of The Rings setting. Think party-town-meets-Narnia, or visualise Hobbits skiing off-piste, and you’re halfway there ;-)


In winter Queenstown is more than just a ski resort, it is a nature-lover’s paradise. As an aside, less than an hour up the road, just past Glenorchy, there really is a settlement called Paradise! You are going to sample it all.


Queenstown is where you will get to live and socialise whenever we are not out on tour. This special town exists in a crazy bubble, bursting with nightlife, scenery, food, and adventure tourism activities – it’s the home of bungy jumping, canyoning, jet boating, luging, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, skydiving, horse’s safe to say no one has ever been bored in Queenstown. Its lifestyle has attracted people from all over the world - there are a lot of awesome locals who once came for a holiday, and never left!


Coming out to New Zealand in winter means you will get a chance to ski and snowboard on the pick of the best ski fields  – Otago, Queenstown, Canterbury, Wanaka, and Ruapehu in the north. You’re going to cover a lot of piste while you’re here because our philosophy is you’ve come all this way, so why only see one ski area...let’s do them all!


Don’t worry if you’re not a great skier (maybe you’re actually a terrible skier, or maybe you’ve never tried it in your life and severely doubt your ability to stand up, let alone do Olympic style runs wearing goggles). Hey, we promised you you’d grow on this trip, and you will. We will be right there beside you, and you’ll be given lessons and encouragement, we believe you can do this, and we’ll prove it to you.


If you’re a sensational skier or snowboarder and you want to bring your own gear over, go for it. Rental equipment is all here too, so just whatever suits you.


The NZ Winter Explorer program is multi-dimensional, so the fluffy white stuff is only one part of your overall experience.


We’re also going to take you up to the Central Plateau in the North Island to see amazing geothermal activity up close - actually you’ll be right in it, sitting in some nice warm mud baths if you’re willing (aw come on it washes off!).


While we’re up that way, you’ll get a chance to explore New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. Wellington is a really cool town beside the ocean, and famous for its café culture. It is also the home of WETA studios where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed and edited.  


Down in the mainland (that’s what we call the South Island because it’s the biggest island - wow) we’re going to introduce you to the rugged and wild west coast, where you’ll get to do some caving and hiking.

We’ll also take you to the spectacular Abel Tasman national park with its crystal clear waters, and we’ll all go hiking along the famous Queen Charlotte Sound track (Google it - it’s awesome).


Not many people make it to the stunning and remote Stewart Island and the very bottom of New Zealand, in fact many Kiwis have never been – but you will go there by boat, landing at the south coast, and here you will be able to get your footage of local penguins, sea lions, native kiwi (which are rare and endangered) and the happiest deer population in New Zealand (since hardly anyone goes there).


Education and Confidence

Pure Exploration puts a strong focus throughout all of our outdoor adventure programs on providing learning opportunities. It is our aim to help you gain skill and confidence in the great outdoors, but also within yourself as an individual and as a part of a team (your group).


We cover themes like leadership, resilience, safety, performance and understanding groups – and we incorporate these topics throughout our outdoor and activity sessions.


You’ll leave this life-changing tour with lifelong friends who you’ll have shared incredible experiences with, and you’ll have a good understanding of independent travel and the adventure tourism industry.


New Zealand is truly beautiful, and we’re keen to help protect its wildlife and forests for the next generation. Hopefully after spending some time here, you’ll feel the same way. Towards the end of the program you’ll join us in an environmental sustainability project in the Fiordland National Park. This experience alone is worth coming for. We’ll camp out together and do some inspiring hiking expeditions, before heading back to Queenstown for a huge FAREWELL PARTY. Warning, there could be hugging, and beer (and sheep?).

Keen to join us this ‘summer’? - CONTACT US NOW


If you want to step out into the world this summer and export yourself into a winter paradise to pick up new life skills, make new friends, ski your heart out, walk beside waterfalls and sup on a hot mulled wine, go to Pure Exploration’s Contact Us page, and we will be in touch with asap to discuss your suitability for the program!

We can’t wait to see you in New Zealand:-)


The Pure Exploration Approach

Our philosophy runs deep throughout all of our programs. Action packed adventure travel in New Zealand have itineraries that encompass all of our developmental and educational ideas. We aim to provide an immense array of experiences, activities and environments within an adventure travel context that focuses on building social and community relationships and an ever expanding level of independence and responsibility for yourself and others.

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