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If you're seeking a constructive and developmental stepping stone into independent travel, University or College, or the next chapter in your life then Pure Exploration is for you. A trip with us will be filled with travel, adventure, socialising, environmental & community service & cultural immersion experiences all rolled into one seamless program.

Come on a journey of discovery with us that will enhance personal development and grow leadership & relationships skills. Head home a better person ready to attack your goals.
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18th July 2017

Errghhh long haul travel. Its a necessary evil to get to epic places, you have to pysche yourself up for it! Or more importantly, be prepared. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it can be with a little planning in place. With this in mind we've pulled together this short list of tips for you to think about before your big journey abroad. Click here to read

12th July 2017

Spend summer in the southern hemisphere... kayaking with dolphins and seals, road tripping with new mates & camping by the sea. Travelling to new places can be daunting, that's why our Summer Explorer in New Zealand works - we handle all the details (accommodation, travel, activities) so you can focus on the fun stuff (this is the kayaking, road tripping, camping, partying side of things!) Come join our crew in NZ. It'll be the best few months of your life! Read more here

12th July 2017

Deciding to do a semester abroad is the best way to begin to learn about travel.. tours like the Pure Exploration Programs allow you a safe way to build confidence and reach new shores with all the help of an enthusiastic local team to support you.

11th July 2017

Ooohh yeah what a day of snow!!! Some great shots of Coronet Peak today. When are you coming to visit us in NZ? 🎿❄️❄️❄️

11th July 2017

Travelling and experiencing new things is the first step towards becoming a global citizen and adding value to the world in your own way. What lies ahead for you?

10th July 2017

We have a snow-filled weatherbomb forecast this week... will Lake Wanaka end up looking like this again by Thursday? Eeek it feels like Christmas!!!

10th July 2017

Mirror magic at Moke Lake - This beauty of a spot is only 10 minutes from downtown Queenstown but is often missed by travellers to the town. It's beautiful in any season, here's some pics from our visit in the weekend 🚣‍♀️

3rd July 2017

Throwback to Queenstown looking mighty fine. With a huge dump of snow over the weekend its shaping up to be another epic season! You can explore Queenstown, as well as many other kiwi skiing hotspots on our Winter Explorer Program. Not a bad plan really...

26th June 2017

A postcard from New Zealand. A glimpse into the beauty of our epic country from the talented Sam Shields. #lovenz

21st June 2017

A last minute cancellation means there is space available on our September Adventure Guide Internship. This is your chance to travel, train and earn money in the adventure tourism industry in Queenstown New Zealand! Find out more here

19th June 2017

Just another Summers day on our Explorer program... Learn how to put yourself in this picture here — Products shown: Summer Explorer Program.

14th June 2017

The true value of gap years are being recognised now by Universities too, as many such as Princeton University have developed their own gap year programs to encourage students to grow as people before entering study. Princeton states that programs like these "offer a truly innovative approach to learning, one that is more experiential and more profoundly transformational than anything most students entering college will have encountered during high school."

13th June 2017

Travel, Train & Work in NZ! This is the ultimate New Zealand trip for people looking for a constructive travel adventure. You'll experience an epic kiwi tour, packed with outdoor activities and enhance personal development PLUS gain world-recognised qualifications, PLUS get a job offer for front-line Kiwi Adventure Tourism roles! Find out more here

7th June 2017

Watch this and tell me a trip to New Zealand wouldn't improve your life by 1000%!

6th June 2017

Grins all round!

5th June 2017

Some crazy dudes pushing it to the limit in Wanaka!

4th June 2017

The first rays of sun of the day hitting Mt Arthur in Nelson, one of the peaks you'll climb on a Pure Exploration tour of New Zealand.

31st May 2017

Ten legitimate, future-focused, sit-down-and-convince-your-parents reasons why a year off study travelling abroad is the best thing for you. See them all here:

29th May 2017

New Zealand's South Island was treated to a stunning display of the Aurora Australis - the Southern Lights last night. This epic timelapse is taken up Coronet Peak - the nearest ski mountain to Queenstown - our home. Seeing the Northern lights and the Southern Lights are both on our bucket list. How about you? #queenstownNZ #lovenz

23rd May 2017

Ahhh Queenstown, the home of adventure. The home of bungy jumping and jet boating. Of exploring little known trails and legendary views. Of days spent climbing rock faces and nights around the campfire with new mates. Of good times and great opportunities. We are lucky enough to call it home and it is basecamp for the best outdoor travel-train-work program in New Zealand. Explore NZ - Get world-recognised qualifications - Get an adventure tourism job offer - All in one trip. Find out more here

16th May 2017

A classic kiwi roadie as seen by Chris Simons Photography. Our trips cover all of these epic spots. Love your work!

16th May 2017

Beach Cricket - a New Zealand institution. Does hitting it into the sea or the surrounding bush harvest the most runs? Only time will tell. Get yourself into this picture with our Summer Explorer Program!

15th May 2017

Are you the type of person who likes action-packed travel? Who likes throwing a pack on their back and climbing to the top of a mountain as much as they do chilling on a beach? Someone who enjoys being challenged, meeting new people and having authentic travelling experiences? We think our Summer Explorer Program is just the trip for you. Check out more on this program here:

13th May 2017

Sourcing your own dinner from the depths of Tangaroa - the Maori God of the Sea. Living the dream on our New Zealand Summer Explorer Program! Learn more about our epic upcoming all inclusive trips to New Zealand here...

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