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Finding a job when you are travelling overseas is tough. It's competitive and often skill specific. We've worked closely with adventure tourism operators in New Zealand to develop a range of programs that not only help people get a foot in the door to a great adventure tourism job in Queenstown, but also provide knowledgeable and competent employees to local companies.
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20th August 2017

'Look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom."

18th August 2017

Camping rules. What's on your essentials list for a night out under the stars?

17th August 2017

It's such a great feeling to pack a few essentials into a backpack and head out into the wilderness with your mates. It makes you forget all the dumb everyday stuff you tend to get caught up in, and focus on way more important things. The view. Your friends. Feeling healthy and refreshed.

15th August 2017

Exploring underground somewhere deep in Middle Earth...

10th August 2017

Queenstown, the home of our Adventure Tourism and Adventure Guiding Internships. Ain't she pretty!

8th August 2017

Hiking, climbing, biking... living the dream in New Zealand. Our Adventure Guide Internship can put you in this picture. Literally. Train + Certify + Work Find out more here

6th August 2017

Moke Lake magic. Stop it NZ.

4th August 2017

Finding hidden gems in Dunedin city - Kiwi culture has much more going on than simply rugby. Although going to an All Blacks game is all time too!

3rd August 2017

There's nothing like travelling abroad, sitting in a candlelit hut with a bunch of new friends to really bring out the sense of adventure in you. And make you realise you don't need a lot to have a really fun time!

1st August 2017

Ahh New Zealand. Criminally beautiful, friendly people and easy to travel around. If you are into the outdoors, this place is a fat kid's cake shop. Our Adventure Guide Internship allows you the chance to experience some of the best of the great outdoors of NZ, train with some experienced back country legends, gain world-recognised guiding qualifications and land yourself a job in an adventure tourism role in glorious Queenstown. When are you heading our way?

30th July 2017

So.. what did you get up to this weekend?

26th July 2017

3 sure-fire ways a semester abroad will improve your life... Get the details here

26th July 2017

The club ski fields in Canterbury are small but mighty, simple in set up, but when the snow is on, are truly epic. No queues, no idiots, just powder hounds and those passionate about the mountains! This weekend is setting up to be another ripper, on top of last weekend's huge dump! Yeow!

18th July 2017

Errghhh long haul travel. Its a necessary evil to get to epic places, you have to pysche yourself up for it! Or more importantly, be prepared. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it can be with a little planning in place. With this in mind we've pulled together this short list of tips for you to think about before your big journey abroad. Click here to read

12th July 2017

Spend summer in the southern hemisphere... kayaking with dolphins and seals, road tripping with new mates & camping by the sea. Travelling to new places can be daunting, that's why our Summer Explorer in New Zealand works - we handle all the details (accommodation, travel, activities) so you can focus on the fun stuff (this is the kayaking, road tripping, camping, partying side of things!) Come join our crew in NZ. It'll be the best few months of your life! Read more here

12th July 2017

Deciding to do a semester abroad is the best way to begin to learn about travel.. tours like the Pure Exploration Programs allow you a safe way to build confidence and reach new shores with all the help of an enthusiastic local team to support you.

11th July 2017

Ooohh yeah what a day of snow!!! Some great shots of Coronet Peak today. When are you coming to visit us in NZ? 🎿❄️❄️❄️

11th July 2017

Travelling and experiencing new things is the first step towards becoming a global citizen and adding value to the world in your own way. What lies ahead for you?

10th July 2017

We have a snow-filled weatherbomb forecast this week... will Lake Wanaka end up looking like this again by Thursday? Eeek it feels like Christmas!!!

10th July 2017

Mirror magic at Moke Lake - This beauty of a spot is only 10 minutes from downtown Queenstown but is often missed by travellers to the town. It's beautiful in any season, here's some pics from our visit in the weekend 🚣‍♀️

3rd July 2017

Throwback to Queenstown looking mighty fine. With a huge dump of snow over the weekend its shaping up to be another epic season! You can explore Queenstown, as well as many other kiwi skiing hotspots on our Winter Explorer Program. Not a bad plan really...

26th June 2017

A postcard from New Zealand. A glimpse into the beauty of our epic country from the talented Sam Shields. #lovenz

21st June 2017

A last minute cancellation means there is space available on our September Adventure Guide Internship. This is your chance to travel, train and earn money in the adventure tourism industry in Queenstown New Zealand! Find out more here

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