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Finding a job when you are travelling overseas is tough. It's competitive and often skill specific. We've worked closely with adventure tourism operators in New Zealand to develop a range of programs that not only help people get a foot in the door to a great adventure tourism job in Queenstown, but also provide knowledgeable and competent employees to local companies. 



Work & Travel

Looking for a kick start to your Working Holiday in New Zealand?Want an international, exciting and constructive work option to get you arou...


Career Break

Office hours getting you down? Want better work stories? Have an epic career, but need some time off to reflect, diversify and grow?Looking ...


Adventure Internships

If you're looking for an adventure internship, whether for your academic requirements or as an employment pathway, you've come to the right ...

Waka Ama Cultural Trip Abel Tasman National Park

GAP Year Out

Not sure what to study at university or feel like you could benefit from some time for self-discovery? Our Gap year programs are designed as...

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Exciting & Adventurous Times!

Dana Ester - Florida, USA

"If you're considering this program, just go for it! I've always wanted to come to NZ, this course was the perfect opportunity to come here but also further my adventure career goals. If you push yourself, this course will help you get where you want to go."
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Climbing, exploring, loving NZ

Michel Affkerback, Germany

The highlight of the course so far for me is learning to climb multi-pitch by myself, or with a friend, and knowing what to do. If you are into the outdoors and thinking of becoming a guide, do this course! It's based in beautiful New Zealand and you'll learn a lot.

Becoming an adventure guide in NZ

Cyril Delteil, France

Coming from France I was worried about my English, but being here everyday and speaking with native speakers means my English has improved so much, alongside my outdoor skills.

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25th February 2018

Awww team. Such legends. Check out this wee overview video from Michel who took part in the September 2017 Adventure Guide Internship. We miss you guys already! If you want to learn more about this course, click here to check out an itinerary https://goo.gl/LLZmpD

24th February 2018

It's your turn to cook. You're camping out this week, and with the team you budgeted your money wisely to make sure you have good nutritious and tasty meals to keep you going. What would be your go-to meal?

22nd February 2018

22 February, 50 cm of snow. Queenstown never ceases to amaze! 😻 #summersnow

21st February 2018

For Queen and Country, Ivor summits 6,000-meter peaks, dangles from ropes, and conquers white water. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ivor Levin - Pure Exploration's impressive lead guide, chief technician and all round legend. Click here to learn more about Pure Ex's main man: https://goo.gl/PMzm6B

20th February 2018

When what's on your back is your home...

19th February 2018

Hard to beat scenery like this.. unless of course you grab a body board, some fins, and rip down the K river's class 3 rapids! #seriousfun #riverboarding

18th February 2018

It's time to catch up with Michel again for his second Vlog - VLOG #2 - as he talks us through his first week in New Zealand, all about the intern house and what they've been up to! https://goo.gl/nZ7MQZ

17th February 2018

It's been a summer to remember here in New Zealand. Hot days, blue skies for months on end, long warm nights, campfires, road trips, beers by the ocean, BBQ's with friends, swims in remote alpine lakes. If you're sitting on your couch with a blanket keeping warm from a bitter Northern Hemisphere winter, just let that sink in.... 😉

15th February 2018

What's it like to live and train with people from around the world in a foreign country? Awesome is what it is. And hilarious. Get an insight into what life is life living with a new crew on other side of the world for three months from Kaylee, 2017's chief Adventure Guide Intern blogger. https://goo.gl/ofEU9D

14th February 2018

Wildflowers, much better than a bunch from the florist. Happy Valentine's Day folks!

13th February 2018

Looks like New Zealand is delivering on its promises for these grinning folk!

10th February 2018

"To my parents, First off, thanks for your support - I could not have done this without you. Second, don't worry I've been safe the whole time in NZ. I know you worry about me dangling off the sides of cliffs and riverboarding down rapids, but I've been surrounded by experienced guides the whole time that focused a lot of their energy into teaching me personal safety out in the elements. Finally, I want you to know that this investment has been worth it. I haven't been wasting my time - and there is a plethora of advice I can take into real-world applications. And New Zealand was amazing!"

8th February 2018

Meanwhile, down the road from our interns in Queenstown, this guy trains up for his next #missionimpossible ....

8th February 2018

Ok, here's the big question. Where - in your opinion - is the ultimate destination for an adventure guide internship? If you were to fly across the globe tomorrow with nothing but your pack, get deep into the outdoors, hone in your hiking, climbing and outdoor skills, hang out with awesome new mates and explore... where would you go? We want to know!! Click on the pic to choose! https://survey.fbapp.io/qluezi

7th February 2018

Check out our dreamy hometown 👏😍🏔️🏕️

5th February 2018

Michel headed our way from Germany last year, to join us for the September intake of the Adventure Guide Internship. A talented photographer and videographer, we were so stoked to have him on board to capture his time with us. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we go through some of his VLOGs, or if you want to see them all head to our Youtube page! VLOG #1 - Heading to New Zealand! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9e_yZE8-m8&t=1s

2nd February 2018

Assessments and life after course summed up in our latest blog post. The verdict? Life is good! Check it out here: https://goo.gl/XKJBeo

2nd February 2018

Trying to sum up what its like to go on an Adventure Guide Internship is hard... there are loads of elements to think about. You're challenged, you're surrounded by immense beauty, you'll become super tight with a great group of like-minded people. It's an action-packed 12 weeks that will leave you happy, content, tired at times, blown away at other times and loving life! Is 2018 the year you join us in New Zealand? Find out more here: https://goo.gl/D7m78G

31st January 2018

For the 5th year in a row New Zealand takes out the number 1 spot in the The Telegraph 's poll on the best countries in the world to travel to. You know it! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/The-worlds-best-countries-in-pictures/1/

29th January 2018

Hiking over mountain passes, climbing outdoor rock faces, riverboarding, abseiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing... what's your favourite outdoor past-time? Do you spend enough time doing it? #liveyourbestlife #lifeoutdoors

28th January 2018

Don't you love exploring new places?

27th January 2018

With temperatures cruising over 30 degrees celsius in NZ right now, its hard to remember when we had all this white stuff on our back door back in June!

25th January 2018

The man, the myth, the legend. Andrew taking the leap for adventure guides everywhere! #yeoooow

25th January 2018

Meet Zach Johnston, Pure Ex Director, also a former military officer, Senior Instructor Leader, General Manager in the Tourism Industry; Field Based Outdoor Educator, International Expedition Leader and Operational Ambulance Officer with extensive travel experience in 3rd world, developing and developed countries. He's also a pretty awesome guy with plenty of good yarns to tell about travelling! “Travel and Adventure open and strengthen the mind, expanding our perspective to make informed decisions that positively affect opportunities that come our way. I love turning fear of the unknown into curiosity and wonderment.”

23rd January 2018

A good spot for reflection...

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