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Finding a job when you are travelling overseas is tough. It's competitive and often skill specific. We've worked closely with adventure tourism operators in New Zealand to develop a range of programs that not only help people get a foot in the door to a great adventure tourism job in Queenstown, but also provide knowledgeable and competent employees to local companies.
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19th November 2017

Another day, another campsite, another unreal view.

17th November 2017

Up up up we go!

15th November 2017

Good times in the mountains!

13th November 2017

Learning how to light fires with moss and sticks gathered from the campsite!

13th November 2017

Here's why New Zealand should be on your bucket list ✈️🌎

12th November 2017

Kiwiland delivers yet again 👏👏👏👏

10th November 2017

Adventure Guide love 😍

9th November 2017

Going for a wander at a wee spot near Paradise*. * Google it, there legitimately is a place called Paradise in New Zealand. And its paradise.

7th November 2017

Can you name any of these knots?

5th November 2017

How good is the hut after a long day hiking!

5th November 2017

Watch out for the hobbitses...

4th November 2017

Glorious times exploring the Nelson region and learning about Maori culture with Waka Abel Tasman.

3rd November 2017

5 reasons why adventure travel should be on your list for 2018

2nd November 2017

The history of AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown... Michel our intern explains how it all began!

31st October 2017

Time for a scroggin break!

30th October 2017

Just a couple of the gems we have on our doorstep..

30th October 2017

New Zealand - breathtaking at every turn

26th October 2017

If we ain't on your list, we should be! Top 5. Chur.

24th October 2017

Imagine arriving into a golden sand bay by kayak, not accessible by road, this bay will be yours for the night - yours and the local possums of course! Our interns enjoying the epic Abel Tasman National Park, in the Nelson region.

24th October 2017

A few laughs at the mid-program catch up as the team reviews the ups and downs of their time in NZ so far!

22nd October 2017

"Tomorrow you’ll be leading a hiking expedition that you’ve planned yourself into the deep bush of Fiordland, to demonstrate your ability to lead a team into the wilderness and show you’ve got your skills on lock - as next week you start your sweet new job as a Kayak guide on Lake Wakatipu...." Are you passionate about the outdoors? Keen to spend an epic Winter in New Zealand, get qualified and begin working in the growing adventure tourism industry? Learn how here

21st October 2017

Some of the interns enjoying some local sights - the Moeraki boulders on the Otago coastline.

19th October 2017

The Milky Way from our corner of the world...

19th October 2017

A Kiwi as trip from Fran and Carla

17th October 2017

Climbing in Abel Tasman National Park, a stunning corner at the top of the South Island. Turquoise waters and golden sands, its a beautiful place to explore on foot, or by kayak.

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