The Expedition Leader Program - what's it all about?

If you're keen to gain confidence hiking at altitude and in developing world regions - you're in the right place. You'll spend your time with some awesome people immersed in the untamed beauty of Galapagos, the Sacred Valley in Peru and the the mighty Himalayas.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pure Exploration's Expedition Leader Program.


What makes this tour different?

This is no ordinary tour - you'll be following a structured framework of guiding principles, learning global travelling logistics management, and gaining well recognised basic expedition leader qualifications that show your time with us was constructive and you are competent to guide groups. Whether it becomes a career option or not, completion of this program shows dedication, skill, the ability to study and pass certifications, gain global travel experience, all characteristics that look very strong on a CV. Basically, you'll become a better you.


If you'd like to learn more about this program or see a detailed itinerary, please fire through your details below.

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