Safety is No Accident

Before every big hiking adventure comes the most important part; the planning and the packing.

What you put in your pack (or don't) can be the difference between a safe or dangerous trip. Our marketing manager, Mary, had a textbook experience when she and a friend set out on an over night hike to Earnslaw Burn in Glenorchy, NZ. The first aid kit was accidently left in the car, neither of them carried a PLB (Personal Locater Beacon) and they were walking into an area without reception. 

A New Zealand based outdoor magazine, Wilderness, recently ran a competition to win a PLB, an essential item for adventure enthusiasts! Mary entered her story and while she didn't win, she had since gone out and purchased her own. Read on to find out why... 

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(The stunning walk into Earnslaw Burn & epic tent spot for the night) 


Here at Pure Exploration our goal is to not only help you experience the great outdoors but experience them safety and confidently! On all of our 12 week programs we run modules on Safety Management and Emergency Procedures.


By the end of your course you will demonstrate:

• Use of a Safety management system and Activity Management Plan for given hike

• Advantages and limitations of communication devices used in a remote setting (Cell-phone, In Reach device, PLB, Satellite phone, VHF, 2 Way Radio)

• Construction of an emergency shelter using equipment carried and natural features and materials

• Survival skills and how to help searchers / rescue locate their position

• Emergency evacuation skills (stretchers and assisted carries)

• Use of a first aid kit to deal with common first aid situations (sprains, blisters, asthma)

• Knowledge of mountain hypothermia, its symptoms and treatment in the field and at base

• Cold related injuries (frost nip, frost bite)

• Heat related conditions (sun burn, heat exhaustion, hyperthermia)


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(Students practicing safe river crossing on the Queenstown AGP) 


Moral of the story, pack light and pack right... you never know when you'll need to carry two!

IMG 1840

(Mary carrying both packs leaving Earnslaw Burn) 

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