Ken's Ode to NZ's native parrot, the Kea

Did you know New Zealand has a native parrot that resides within the highest mountain peaks? It's the world's only alpine parrot, and one of the most intelligent.

The Kea gained early notoriety among settler farmers in New Zealand for attacks on their sheep and is known as a bit of a ratbag on South Island ski fields and mountain huts, as its innately curious nature means it tends to like exploring in people's cars, bags and lunchboxes, and where possible, tear them to bits with their sharp beaks.

Ken, our recent ambassador, noticed these cheeky mountain folk and took some time to document them. On our 12 week Adventure Guide Programs in New Zealand, you'll spend a lot of time high in the stunning Southern Alps so are often accompanied by a nosy Kea hoping to join you when you stop on your lunch break :)





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