For Queen and Country, Ivor summits 6000-meter peaks, dangles from ropes, and conquers white water. Meet Ivor Levin, Pure Exploration's impressive lead guide, chief technician and all round legend.


Ivor multi shot

Levin hails from Scotland where he received a Bachelors degree in Economics and a post-graduate Masters degree in Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh. His life changed in 1995 when he first visited New Zealand, spending six months tramping and traveling before moving here permanently in 2000. These days, he’s Kiwi as.

Ivor draws from nearly endless experience operating in the outdoors. He holds British Mountaineering Council qualifications and has a log book stretching for miles. He’s all about ski mountaineering, technical alpine rock climbing, and multi-method travel missions in the mountains.

After owning and operating a successful rock climbing gym and guiding company, he spent several years teaching at the Poly Technic in Nelson. There he trained countless outdoor professionals, greatly enjoying the snow safety and avalanche training, mountain biking, and rock climbing training modules. Several times a year, he takes groups to the developing world, bringing him to Nepal, Mongolia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Peru, South East Asia, and India. He’s trekked up heaps of 6000-m peaks in the Himalayas and the Andes. He’s dabbled in lots, but one thing stays true: he’ll climb it if it’s there.

When he’s not busy on course training the next crew of outdoor badasses, he’s drinking tea, hanging out in Luggate with his cat MoMo, swinging around on geo-technical industrial rope access jobs, trad climbing in the Remarkables, and linking up mighty missions around the South Island. Given the choice between fighting 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, he said he’d go zombie apocalypse style and fight the many horses. He’s got jokes & stories for days and is always keen to get in and amongst it.


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