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Q&A with former New Zealand Adventure Guide Program students, Maddy

We caught up with former student, Maddy, who took part in the New Zealand Adventure Guide Program in September 2021.


We caught up with former student, Avery, who took part in the Queenstown Adventure Guide Program in Spring 2023 to ask about life after her AGP.

Q&A with Former Patagonia AGP Student, Carmanah

We caught up with past student, Carmanah, who took part in the Patagonia Adventure Guide Program in early 2022 to ask about life after her AGP.

Life Lessons From the New Zealand AGP

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program alum, Robert Istok, shares the life lessons he learned on his 3 month adventure guide program.

Best Beginner Friendly Climbing Crags in New Zealand

If you're an outdoor enthusiast looking to try your hand at climbing in New Zealand, you're in for a treat!

Everything You Need to Know About Climbing on our Adventure Guide Programs

Our prospective students often ask us if they can still join the New Zealand Adventure Guide Program if they don’t have any climbing experience.

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program Spring 2023 Student Vlog

An amazing video from a Queenstown AGP Spring 2023 alumni, Avery, recapping the last three months.

Safety Third | Alumni Blog

A blog extract from a Queenstown Adventure Guide Program Spring 2023 alumni, Jorinde.

5 of the Best Hikes in New Zealand

Here’s a snapshot of the best hikes in New Zealand.

3 of the Best Hikes in Nepal

Hiking in the Himalayas evokes long lines on Everest, donkey trains teetering on cliffsides and faded prayer flags flapping in the wind.

Q&A with Former Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Program Participant

Liz Lucas participated in our Queenstown Adventure Guide program a few years back and has since gone on to work for Pacific Discovery as an Instructor and a multi-day backpacking guide all over the US.

Introducing our Spring 2023 Queenstown Adventure Guide Program Instructors

Our field instructors are inspiring people who provide a safe and transformative experience for our students.

What is an Expedition Leader?

Expedition Leaders are humans who love the outdoors so much they’ve decided to turn it into a career.

An Irish Girl in the Himalayas

Rather than writing a blog chronicling my day-to-day experience and meandering thoughts while trekking, a task I leave to my fellow team members, I’ve opted instead to share some of my observations or learnings from the Annapurna Circuit.

Tales From The Kepler Track

This last week our team of 12 plus a new guide drove out in our van to the Kepler track, one of New Zealand's Great Walks.

Introducing our Fall 2022 Instructors for Queenstown!

Our field instructors are inspiring people who provide a safe and transformative experience for our students.

Taking a Gap Year After College: Everything You Need to Know

The gap year, it can be a time in your life when you are just graduating college but have no idea what to do to take your next step.

New Availability For The Work & Train Program In November!

You asked, we delivered.

How to Rock Climb: A Beginner’s Guide

Can you make it to the top of the rock?

What are NZOIA qualifications, and how do I get them?

Are you passionate about bringing unique outdoor experiences to people’s lives?

The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Gap Year after High School

Now that high school is nearly coming to an end, you might be thinking about your next steps.

What Is Canyoning?

Are you thinking about going canyoning?

Trekking the Langtang Circuit in Nepal - Sara Mcgeough

Day 1: Mulharka & Chisapani

Our Wilderness First Aid Course in Nepal

When I thought of coming to Nepal the first thing that came to mind was my expectationof beautiful scenery, epic mountains, and challenging trekking.

What Is Mountaineering and How to Get Into It?

Mountaineering is a sport like no other, it’s as difficult a journey as they come.

The Future of Adventure Travel

Tourism has taken a big hit since the COVID-19 outbreak started and is among the most affected sectors with a massive fall in demand and revenue.

Trekking through The Himalayas: Part 4

Greeted with snow and with the finish line in sight, the Nepal group continues their challenging but rewarding descent in the Himalayas.

How to Become an Outdoor Adventure Guide?

Do you have a passion for the outdoors?

Trekking through The Himalayas: Part 3

The holy water Of Gosaikunda Lake takes the Nepal group's breath away as they continue their 12-day hike through Langtang National Park.

Trekking through the Himalayas: Part 2

The Nepal group progresses on the 12-day hike in Langtang National Park, experiencing spectacular views of the Himalayas, Nepalese prayer flags and some unfortunate altitude sickness.

Trekking through the Himalayas

Read all about our Nepal group's magical experience trekking through the Himalayas on a 12-day hike in Langtang National Park.

My Rock Climbing Adventure in Nepal

As we made our way through the dust filled and packed streets of Kathmandu, I couldn’t help but wonder “What will Hattiban look like?”.

Top Destinations for Adventure Travel

Adventure can be found in any country in the world.

Life after the Adventure Guide Program

Rosie joined the Adventure Guide Program back in 2018 and has since joined the Pure Exploration team as a marketing intern.

Safety is No Accident

Before every big hiking adventure comes the most important part; the planning and the packing.

One Year On...

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the 2019 Queenstown Adventure Guide Program, so we caught up with a program Alumni, Summar Tasker, to get her take one year on...

This isn't goodbye, it's see you later...

Coralie writes one last letter to her teammates, reflecting on their abbreviated time in Patagonia...

One Month of Patagonia

Coralie gives us the down low on their first month in Patagonia:

Queenstown Update: A week on the wall

Let's catch up with Caroline as they complete week one of climbing:

Patagonia update; our first training days

It’s Tuesday morning here and we’ve been starting our first climbing week.

Hola El Chalten - our first steps all together.

The Beginning of an Adventure in NZ

I’m Caroline.

Packing and Prepping for Patagonia

How do we feel a few days away from starting the Adventure Guide Patagonia Program?

5 Things to Know About our Program in Thailand

Thailand has been a must visit destination for decades, as tourists flock to the beaches, temples and crowded markets to get a small taste of these exotic lands and experience some of the best that street food and cultural experiences Southeast Asia has to offer.

Dreamy Patagonia... Land of the free!

Dreamy Patagonia… Land of the free!

Hemisphere Hopping

I have come a long, long way from home.

Life after the Expedition Leader Program

Chloe was one of nine participants who joined us on our Expedition Leader Program in June 2019, to embark on a 12 week adventure through Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, China, Laos, Thailand and Nepal.

Introducing Canyoning to the Adventure Guide Program

We are stoked to announce the newest addition to our Adventure Guide Program – canyoning!

6 things to know about the Program in Queenstown

What you learn about yourself when travelling the world

When traveling the world, learning about different cultures, learning about oneself, and pushing limits every day, AH HA!

A Broke Traveler’s Guide to Wonderful Experiences

By: Chloe Saulnier, 21 y/o, Canada

Self-Development: The gift that keeps on giving

Growth, vulnerability, pushing limits, authenticity, connections.

Ausangate? More like Awesome-gate!

54 km, 5 days, 3 course meals, spectacular views, alpacas for days, chilly nights, and very dry hot days.

Summarising Ecuador and the Galapagos

Week 2 - Community project - Expedition Leader program

The Expedition Leader Program is truly one of a kind in the world.

Week 1 - Orientation - Expedition Leader program

How can I become an outdoor guide?

That's a great question.

Pure Exploration takes Top 3 spot at Awards

Exciting news!We are very excited and proud to be announced as one of the top 3 overall gap year providers for the 2018 Go Overseas Community Choice Awards!

My time in NZ on the Adventure Guide Program

It's time to say our farewells to the group of legends that joined us in New Zealand for the Adventure Guide Program for the last few months of 2018.

Ken's Ode to NZ's native parrot, the Kea

Did you know New Zealand has a native parrot that resides within the highest mountain peaks?

Rocking in the free world..

As the year comes to a close, the group that joined us in September for the Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand are also finishing up their time with us.

Exploring beautiful New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its varied landscape, beautiful at every turn.

How to become an asset in an emergency

One of the most important parts of our Adventure Guide Program is our Pre-hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) qualification.

Why do people choose the Adventure Guide Program?

People decide to join the Adventure Guide Program for many reasons.

Outdoor climbing at it's finest

Next up on the Adventure Guide Program itinerary is a week in the legendary NZ adventure region, Mt Cook.

Fiords and mountaintops - More hiking in NZ

As the Adventure Guide Program progresses, alongside the curriculum, the nature of the hikes and climbs the groups get progressively more complex too.

Head for the hills - An intro to hiking in New Zealand

Ken's back!It's time for the Adventure Guide Program crew to get their boots on and experience the New Zealand back country.

Learning the ropes - An intro into rock climbing

Ken Shaffer is a talented videographer and photographer who is currently on our Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand.

Ethan's journey from London to NZ's back country

Ethan joined us in March 2018 for the Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand.

One year after the NZ Adventure Guide Program

Dana Ester was one of the inspiring students that joined us in 2017 for our Adventure Guide Program based in New Zealand.

Ken lands in NZ for Orientation week

Ken Shaffer is one of the awesome crew who are currently with us in New Zealand for the Adventure Guide Program, which began in September.

Alumni update - Mark's new life at AJ Hackett Bungy

We love hearing what our program alumni are up to after their time with Pure Exploration.

Become a better you in the outdoors

Whether you are looking to get into the adventure tourism industry, or nabbing yourself an awesome break from study or working, our three month adventure guide programs are the ideal place to hone in those outdoor survival skills, clear your head and prioritise your goals in life.

The Expedition Leader Program - what's it all about?

If you're keen to gain confidence hiking at altitude and in developing world regions - you're in the right place.

The power of spending more time outdoors

Here at Pure Exploration we are all about self-love, taking time to focus on yourself, developing skills and working through challenges.

Why should you visit New Zealand?

My upbringing in Colorado ensured a fierce love for snow and all the ways to slide down it, a desire to spend most my time outside, and a refusal to sit in an office working the traditional 9 to 5 spirit-crushing job.

Highlights from the NZ Bush

Highlights from the bush module from the 2018 March intake of our Queenstown (New Zealand) Adventure Guide Program.

From Man to Mountain Goat

8 weeks down and we come to the end of the training phase, finishing on a high with another awesome week of rock climbing training lessons!

How fit do you need to be to come on a Pure Ex program?

Not sure your fitness is up to a three month adventure education program?

Multisport Week | Pure Exploration

Ethan Kaandorp is one of the interns taking part in the Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Internship in New Zealand in March 2018.

A day in the life with Pure Ex

When you're on a Pure Ex course we remove the hassle of accommodation by housing all the participants together.

Becoming one with the Rock

Ethan Kaandorp is one of the interns taking part in the Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Internship in New Zealand in March 2018.

Gillespie Pass Loop | Vlog 5 | Ethan: Week 4 & 5

VLOG#5: We're back!This vlog we cover a few days of anchor building in Wanaka before heading back into the beech forest of Mount Aspiring National Park.

Alumni Update - Dana Ester living it up in Florida!

And as if I didn't have enough to look forward to, I've also accepted a seasonal position in the Fall back in California, doing wilderness field trips for a company called Naturalists at Large.

Going Bush | Vlog 4 | Ethan: Week 3

VLOG#4:Things are kicked into high gear for the second bush/hiking module, as we head into Mount Aspiring National Park for a 3 day adventure.

Summing up the Adventure Guide Internship in Queenstown!

We were lucky enough to have Michel Affkerbach join us in New Zealand for the September intake of the Adventure Education Guide Internship in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Roped up in Wanaka | Vlog 3 | Ethan: Week 2 Wrap-up

VLOG#3: We spend the week in Wanaka, New Zealand's rock climbing training mecca.

Tramping, Camping, and Compasses

VLOG#2: The Pure Ex gang jumps headfirst into the first week of training.

Arrival Weekend | VLog 1 | Ethan

VLOG#1: Meet the new crew for the March intake of adventure guiding program, Pure Exploration, which commenced this weekend in Queenstown NZ.


For Queen and Country, Ivor summits 6000-meter peaks, dangles from ropes, and conquers white water.

A Truly International Program

What's it like to live and train with people from around the world in a foreign country?

Intern Update - Graduation & Work Placement

The final update from Kaylee, one of our adventure guide interns based in Queenstown.

Intern Update - Technical Training & Road Trips!

The latest update from Kaylee Pickett, one of our adventure guide interns based in Queenstown:

What's an Adventure Guide Program Like?

Michel Affkerback was one of the team taking part in the Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand in September 2017.

Adventure Guide Intern Update - Mid-course - Cyril Delteil

Why New Zealand is the best place for adventure travel

One of our upcoming Adventure Guide participants, Kaylee Pickett, has been loving her time experiencing adventure travel in New Zealand.

3 ways a semester abroad will improve your life!

It’s not difficult to make the argument to go for a gap year abroad.

Long haul travel hacks

Sustainability in Overseas Community Projects

The concept of volunteering overseas is one that has grown in popularity in recent years, as has the profile of international development as a discipline.

Epic Outdoor Kiwi Adventure – Travel, Train and Earn!

The fire crackles away happily on the soft pebbled beach and as the sun drops behind the stunning New Zealand high country mountains that surround you, you huddle in closer to your new mates and laugh about the days’ activities.

The Summer break you hadn’t thought of...yet!

Sure, university summer breaks in Spain and Thailand are fun!

10 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

While it’s not that common in the United States, taking a gap year is considered the norm in some countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

New Cave Tagged for Addition

Pure Exploration loves using adventure, nature and outdoor sport as opportunities to build our participants self leadership.

German Bloggers' Visit NZ!

Four German travel bloggers have discovered that a winter adventure in New Zealand offers so much more than snow and skiing, after visiting in June.

We're Coming To You Soon!

Any Students from Germany interested in Work and Travel; Adventure Travel; International Trekking Guide Training Programs; English language or just having fun?

Development Activities & University Admission

recent research undertaken in the UK has identified an increasing role in 'soft skill' development, and extra-curricular activities, in the admissions to university and the likelihood of success in studies.