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Pure Exploration is run by a group of experienced outdoor enthusiasts, keen to share our skills and sense of adventure with young people from around the globe.


Safety is paramount to everything we do.  Pure Exploration is run by a group of experienced outdoor enthusiasts, keen to share our skills and sense of adventure with young people from around the globe, we know what we’re doing and have thorough procedures in place to ensure your wellbeing during the program.

The safety and enjoyment of our students is our number one priority. We take safety very seriously in all aspects of our service - activities, training, transport, external providers, staff experience, contingency plans. Our equipment and procedures are continually assessed by AdvenutreMark and WorkSafe NZ, with a focus on continuous improvement and proactive maintenance. We are regularly audited and are a New Zealand government-certified adventure activity provider.

"Please be aware that rocks, cliffs, falling, changing weather conditions, river and lake levels, other non-specified natural circumstances, equipment or mechanical failure, illness or accident in remote places without any or full medical facilities are ever-present hazards whilst undertaking these adventure and alpine activities."


Physical and mental health are extremely important to us, and we want all participants to feel safe, supported and part of a team. Our program leaders are experienced, accredited outdoor instructors, but they are also enthusiastic leaders, supportive hosts and inspiring role models. We hold regular one-on-one meetings throughout the program to discuss any issues/concerns and regular staff meetings are held to maintain open communication channels.


If you are affected to any extent by any of the conditions listed below or by anything you consider relevant you must include details in your safety form so that we can include you safely in this activity.

Not all conditions necessarily exclude you from joining our programs, and if you have any doubts please talk with us first and/or with your medical practitioner.

  • High blood pressure

  • Allergies

  • Previous dislocations

  • Pregnancy

  • Hearing conditions

  • Asthma

  • Neurological disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Head injury

  • Artificial limbs

  • Back injuries

  • Eye conditions


Accommodation, food, internet, transport, safety are things we take care of, so participants can focus on important stuff. We are conscious of creating a comfortable safe environment with clear boundaries in place in regards to respect for others, responsible alcohol consumption, and general behaviour guidelines.


Please find our Terms and Conditions here.