At Pure Exploration, we focus on meaningful experiential travel, immersing people in unique cultural environments, educating them and encouraging personal development. Through adventure and exploration, we want to help you develop mental fortitude, internal confidence and external wellbeing. We offer outdoor adventure courses overseas designed for young travelers seeking a constructive and developmental stepping stone into independent travel, the adventure tourism industry or the next chapter in their life.

Our philosophy runs deep through all our programs, and our action-packed itineraries encompass all our developmental and educational ideas. We provide a range of experiences, activities and environments within an adventure travel context that focuses on building social and community relationships and an ever-expanding level of independence and responsibility for yourself and others.





We offer a diverse range of programs, but they have all been designed with the following four core program components.



With the fun and practical learn-by-doing method of Pure Exploration, we take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you. Challenge you to manage emotions and stress, to do more than you ever thought you could, to embrace diversity and interact with those around you.

Our program focuses on a structured to unstructured approach, giving you all the help and support that you will need at the start and then allowing you to take the reins, taking control of yourself, your group, and eventually your adventure! Once you have finished the program you will be ready to be unleashed upon the world, organized, confident and efficient, ready to take charge of future travels, job roles and education.



Pure Exploration partners with the New Zealand Department of Conservation and supports existing ecological-environmental initiatives as a part of our contribution to New Zealand’s unique natural environments and wildlife. These projects also give you the opportunity to actively participate in meaningful environmental projects in unique and remote locations, which can be highly rewarding and a rich learning experience.

Abroad, we want to play our part in the global community. We want to use our programs to make positive, sustainable impacts on the villages and people we visit. This means taking ownership of projects that may take some years to complete, and that we work on in successive programs. These projects will effect positive change for future generations.



From insider knowledge of secret spots to camping in beautiful areas and spending time exploring new trails or scenic natural environments, you will be experiencing adventure travel at its best.

To undertake an adventure is to enter the unknown, to extend beyond your comfortable surroundings, to try, taste, feel, sense, and experience new things. This requires us to get away from cities, hotels, tour buses and tourist attractions: away from the people, places, and languages that we are used to.

We avoid daily itineraries to allow you to indulge in spontaneity and the element of the unknown. We actively leave some itineraries unfinished and leave final decisions unmade to encourage a healthy amount of opinion-sharing, collective group discussions and negotiations and conflict/resolution scenarios to play out to allow groups and individuals to find their place - to gain confidence in themselves and their decision making. So much of travel is influenced by the people you travel with, so learning to communicate and share experiences is super important to ensure ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction.



From kayaks, bikes, and buses to your feet, you will explore inspiring natural environments throughout your adventure. You will go camping in incredible spots, experience wilderness huts, unique cultural lodges and, for some, even snow caves! 

Adventure sports like abseiling and rock climbing can be awesome ways for you to learn about yourself and the natural environment, whilst being exciting and exhilarating too!