The DREAM internship. Industry. Destination. Value.

This internship has been created to enable you to complete your academic internship in style OR to help you nab that dream job in Queenstown. It not only includes work experience, but it also preps you with ALL the skills you'll need to succeed in the industry and get those pay checks rolling in! The three week Kiwi Immersion Tour will teach you the in's and out's of life in NZ, how to manage customers, work booking systems, promote programs and much more. You'll bungy, you'll jet-boat, you'll luge, you'll experience ALL the best Queenstown adventure activities so you can help encourage others to do the same! That's right, doing a bungy is actually part of your training. Yeow!



We know Queenstown is the ultimate place to visit in NZ for travellers. It's tough finding employment, extremely competitive and industry-skill specific. We have worked with local tourism operators to put together a program that not only helps people get a foot in the door to a great adventure tourism job in Queenstown, but also helps provide knowledgeable and competent employees to local companies. 

The real value in our internship is our NZ Immersion Tour, in which you'll travel the South Island learning about the culture, history, geography, tourism and natural resources, you'll also get specific sales and marketing training to help you gain the on-the-job operational skills required, and you'll get to experience all the best Queenstown adventure activities, so you can explain and encourage others to try them. This all happens before your work experience starts, making you the ultimate kiwi tourism expert right from your first day!

Note spaces on this program are extremely limited, as work placements are held with tourism operators for limited staff numbers. 



Queenstown - KIWI MAGIC

Getting into the Adventure Tourism industry in Queenstown is bucket-list stuff for many travellers. It’s a great place for hiking up and skiing down mountains, swimming in lakes and rivers, live music, locals food and drink specials, frisbee golf and fireside chats.  Queenstown is filled with an exciting mix of backpackers, ski seasonnaires, outdoor enthusiasts and local legends. It's criminally beautiful in every season - you’ll feel the vibe when you hit town, everyone is pumped to be here and make the most of it!