The global service-learning industry is growing rapidly, yet it is becoming very clear that many projects that do not have clear long term goals or collaborate well with communities, which can be detrimental and exploitative. 


If we are to truly make a difference, a foundation of ethics, welfare and cultural understanding must underpin all service-learning activities to ensure they are worthwhile for all involved.


So how do you maximise the impact you can have when volunteering? First, you must learn about the communities themselves, then apply best practice so you can most effectively create change. Our Service Learning Programs offer different ways for you to travel and make an impact. Whether you are looking to develop your service learning skills to enter the global industry, or you want to simply get to an area with a need and make a difference, our options should appeal. The ways we can all help to make an impact are endless, but a journey of discovery starts with a single step, so let that step be a carefully planned and constructive decision.

See below for the current Service Learning Programs we offer: