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Jungle & Altitude Foundations Program

Further, higher, better missions!


4 Weeks




This is our shortest program - 4 weeks. This program is based around the outdoor-focused components syllabus of our overland Expedition Leader Program.

It's filled with crucial skills for those looking to seek out the most isolated and gnarly regions on our dear planet. Understand the dangers of altitude so you don’t get caught out. Equally, the world’s jungles hold equal risks that you can combat with preparation. Alongside remote medicine, be prepped for the ultimate missions!




Resources available online at a time that suits you

What it's all about

Our online programs offer an inclusive and affordable way for students to be introduced to the epic world we at Pure Ex immerse ourselves in... adventures and the outdoors! 

There are certain times in life though, where getting to epic locations around the world is difficult... maybe due to finances, or a global pandemic! Even though now is not the time to complete the practical elements of adventure training, you can of course, start challenging, inspiring, building confidence yourself. 

Our Jungle & Altitude program seeks to prep you for the ultimate expeditions. Jungles and remote mountainous areas are some of the most appealing places for adventurers. Ain't that the truth! But being prepared so you don't end up getting caught out or becoming a statistic is not only wise, but it means you'll have a way better time.

Learning all about supported treks in altitude is a real highlight in this syllabus, so you can understand all about the logistics of a 30 person supported trek in the Everest region, with porters, horses, guides, cooks etc. Imagine the possibilities that might open up...

How will it work?

There will be new topics introduced each week. You'll have two online tutorials with a qualified global instructor, who will take you through the key syllabus, discuss real-world scenarios where its useful and share cool stories from their own adventures around the world. 

You'll then complete two assignments each week, with a short open book exam half-way through and at the end to consolidate your knowledge. 


Lesson plan



Week 1

Introduction to the program

High Altitude and Trekking

Week 2

Planning High Altitude trekking expeditions

Working with Local Support Teams

Week 3

Jungle Environment & Trekking

Remote Medicine for Leaders

Week 4

Travel Medicine for Leaders

Above the Snow Line Expeditions

Exam Preparation

Final Exam





  • Duration - This program will run over 4 weeks
  • Structure - There will be 2 x topics released weekly.
  • Grading - There will be 16 post-lesson assignments and 1 x optional test over the 8 weeks. To receive the certificate you need to complete all assignments and the test.
  • Assignments - 2 x short weekly assignments to consolidate your learnings
  • Assessments - 1 x optional test in the final week. This will be open book.
  • Tutor - the Tutor for this program will be a NZOIA qualified Outdoor Hiking and Rock Climbing Instructor - they will be extremely experienced global guides, with endless knowledge and great banter!
  • Method - All tutorials will be prerecorded on Zoom, we will then drop that into Google Classroom for you to watch at a time that suits you.
  • What you'll get - handout/take home notes, certificate of achievement


Anyone can join in on our programs, who has access to reliable internet and a passion for being in the outdoors!



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