Our Pure Ex world is one of dirty boots, backpacks and dog-eared books. Adventures in tussock and snow, on wind-beaten rock crags and in small noisy streets with delicious street food.


2020 has brought its own challenges, and we are all forced to slow down and #stayhome. But that doesn't mean the adventures need to stop. We just need reflect, and take a moment to think about what our own goals are, and to prioritise starting to live the life we want to (once normality kicks back in!). 

We think its time to start prepping for the good times ahead. They will come. The question is, will you be ready to grab that sweet sweet freedom with both hands and run?


What programs are available as part of the Online Adventure Training Series?

Our programs listed here will run in the same way: 4 or 8 week blocks with the same assignment and assessment structure throughout. Each program offers slightly different skillsets - aimed at those of you looking for deepening your understanding of guiding and enjoying the outdoors, or mastering the jungle and alpine environments. The programs definitely complement each other too - so after completing one you may then want to do the next!