RS 7 Kayaking in Doubtful Sound

Summer Discovery Program


25 Days


New Zealand


This program - a more condensed version of our Summer Explorer - is the ultimate program for gap year students and young travellers looking for an intro to NZ. We will welcome you with open arms and show you the best this country has to offer you! We'll show you round the mean streets of Queenstown, the tops of mountains and the depths of deep oceans (from the safety of a kayak of course!). You'll spend time exploring and learning about NZ and gaining some travelling confidence yourself. We organise all the details so you can focus on having fun and growing from your kiwi adventure!



  • Experience some epic explorer missions mountain biking, climbing/abseiling, trekking and camping, sea kayaking and more…
  • Be immersed for with local Maori Iwi and learn about Maori culture and history
  • Complete one of NZ’s amazing ‘Great Walks’ of the world
  • Have the opportunity for some bucket-list ticking... like glacier walking, helicopter tours, jet boating in canyons, bungy jumping and canyon swinging!
  • Learn some skills to help you become a independent, confident working and travelling machine, ready to be unleashed on the world!
  • Live, learn, socialise and join the thriving resort community of Queenstown


  • All Accommodation
  • All Program Transport
  • All Adventure Travel Throughout the North & South Island
  • Adventure Activities & Active Sightseeing Trips
  • Certificate in Outdoor First Aid
  • Sea Kayaking

    l Visit 'Mirror Lake' the Most Photographed Lake in NZ

  • Cycle Touring & Mountain Biking

    CroppedImage788487 Friends biking and enjoying the view Cycle through New Zealand in all its Colour and Beauty

  • Rock Climbing & Abseiling (Wye Creek)

    RC Experience one of the things Queenstown is Most Famous For in Stunning Locations

  • Rock Climbing & Abseiling (Gorge Rd)

    Abseil from below launching Experience one of the things Queenstown is Most Famous For in Stunning Locations

  • Hiking & Camping

    glenorchy LOTR Filming Locations and Pristine Scenery

  • Otago Peninsula

    SetWidth1500 otago peninsula Beautifully rugged countryside home to wild walks, beaches and the South Island's most diverse wildlife including albatross, penguins, fur seals and sea lions.

  • Fiorland

    RS 7 Kayaking in Doubtful Sound Kayak through what many call 'the eighth wonder of the world'. Take treks in some of New Zealand's most famous walks, get up close to incredible wildlife and stunning scenery in this 'must do' area of New Zealand.

  • Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers

    Stunning glaciers of the south island close to the incredible MT Cook

  • Christchurch

    Christchurch Square Christchurch New Zealand Take the stunning journey to visit Christchurch, explore the city and the incredible landscapes surrounding it.

  • Lake Tennyson

    Part of the Spectacular West Coast Tour

  • Mavora Lakes

    Spend Some Time in this Beautiful Location Working on an Enriching Eco Project

  • Hyde

    Part of your Incredible Otago Rail Trail Mountain Biking Expedition

  • Wedderburn

    Part of your Incredible Otago Rail Trail Mountain Biking Expedition

  • Middlemarch

    Part of your Incredible Otago Rail Trail Mountain Biking Expedition

  • Wanaka

    Rob Roy Glacier Visit the Beautiful, Peaceful Wanaka as Part of your Rock Climbing Module

  • MT Cook

    14184314 10157501938285145 5096369960418402420 n Astounding Panoramic Views Elevated High Above Ice, Glaciers, and the Valley Below

  • Hollyford

    Introduction to Hiking in Awe-inspiring Locations

  • Moeraki Boulders

    A Fascinating and Incredibly Popular Attraction of the South Island

  • Long Beach

    A Beautiful, Tranquil Caving Spot as well as a Popular Filming Location - Part of Our South East Road Trip

  • Dunedin

    dunedin railway station at night by james lewis Visit Beautiful Dunedin for some Sightseeing!

  • Catlins

    Cathedral Caves Catlins Dolphins, Penguins, Beaches, Rugged Natural Coastline..

  • Curio Bay

    Kayking & Surfing as Part of Our South East Road Trip

  • Te Anau

    DSC 0013 Day Walk a Part of The Famous Kepler Pass

  • Wellington

    The Capital of Aotearoa

  • Geothermal Wonderland

  • National Park

    Volcanic Plateau Exploration



Base Camp in Queenstown; exploring the Southern Alps, North Island Tour and the South Island of NZ.


Throughout the year

Minimum Age



25 Days


All meals on program contact days; Shared room (Twin or Triple)

Start/Finish Location

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand


Outdoors First Aid Certificate


Reasonable Spoken English Language Competency

Demonstrable ability to conduct low level adventure activities; requires low-moderate fitness



This diverse program is a more condensed version of our Summer Explorer Program, with less modules. It is designed to keep everyone interested and busy throughout their stay. Balancing plenty of action, learning, social and free time.


MODULE 1 - QUEENSTOWN - Orientation

Welcome to New Zealand! Meet your new crew and discuss security and safety, driving skills, get an intro to Aotearoa and settle in!


What is Kiwi Culture? A mix of old and new, a sport and outdoors-obsessed multi-cultural nation with a cheeky sense of humour and a laid back way of life. You'll visit a geothermal wonderland, explore volcanic plateaus, get an inside look at Maori culture, get your gumboots on at a farmstay, and explore the best of the capital city's cafe and bar scene!

MOdule 3 - Adventure travel - West coast wandering

Renowned for its rugged wild beauty, you'll delve deep into deep rainforest, remote beaches, lakes and mountains. Caving will be the highlight as well as camping, hiking, sightseeing end exploration.

MODULE 4 - Leadership development - Self & others

Leadership comes in many forms.  Allowing yourself to be the best person you can, allowing a team to function optimally and finally, leading a team to encourage others to best they can too.  

This module is all about helping you become a high performing individual and the ultimate team member. 

end of program - farewell party!

The course ends, but we are guessing its just the beginning of your adventures in our fine land. Who knows what comes next for you and your new mates! 


This is a sample itinerary. Modules may occur in a different order due to weather conditions or scheduling requirements