In four weeks, we will whip you into winter shape. By winter shape, we mean, teach you the ropes round Queenstown, show you epic ski locations on and off piste, take you to the best bars, the best small towns, the best mountain tops for photos and surround you with the best people. You'll tour epic ski terrain, experience true blue kiwi life, be challenged by wilderness expeditions and learn a lot about yourself along the way. 



  • Learn to Ski/Board, tour, camp and go caving in scenic natural alpine environments
  • Learn about back country travel and avalanche safety
  • Be immersed with local Maori iwi and learn about Maori culture and history.
  • Learn about awesome adventure activities like mountain biking, climbing/abseiling, snow shoeing and camping, ice climbing and more…
  • Complete one or more of NZ’s amazing ‘alpine summits’, tailored to your teams abilities
  • Live, learn, socialise and join the thriving resort community of Queenstown