"The feedback from students almost all the time has been that this experience [a GAP year] was transformative. The more life experience you bring, the better off you are in school."

-William Fitzsimmons, Harvard Dean of Admissions

Not sure what to study at university or feel like you could benefit from some time for self-discovery? Our Gap year programs are designed as a structured alternative to entering undergraduate study straight out of high school or secondary school.

We offer summer, winter, and semester-long study abroad programs aimed at providing an exciting alternative to classroom learning. Gain critical thinking skills, outdoor first aid certification, cultural sensitivity, and much more while experiencing the best New Zealand has to offer.

Studies show students who spend time learning about themselves and the world outside of the classroom become more self-assured individuals, are more compassionate and understanding, and experience greater levels of success in higher education and in their professional careers. 

Join us on a journey of personal development, experiential learning, and adventure travel. Invest in your future self with a seriously fun GAP year now.


summer or winter?  

We love them both! Wherever you're coming from, remember the Southern Hemisphere enjoys Summer from December to February, and Winter from June to August.


Join the crew on the Summer Explorer or Discovery programs for beautiful sunny days spent kayaking, camping, and exploring. Learn about local Maori culture and develop your leadership skills, among much more!

Keen to shred some Southern Alps powder? The Winter Explorer and Discovery programs offer the same life-changing experiences and training as do the summer programs, but ensure you get some snow underfoot and some fresh tracks skied.