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New Zealand


Golden beaches, towering mountains, rolling green hills and awe-inspiring landscapes at every turn. Home of Lord of the Rings, meat pies, pavlovas and the All Blacks, what really makes New Zealand special is it's people. You'll drive two hours and be surrounded by animals and scenery that is completely different, and in our 12 week adventure guide internship you'll get to see the very best of the south.

From isolated national parks to the bustling adventure party town Queenstown, you'll experience the very best that NZ has to offer for the adventure traveller. Get your guiding quals in hiking and climbing and so, so much more. If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor gap year experience, career break, or foot into the adventure tourism industry,you'll find nothing more enjoyable and constructive than this epic 12 week New Zealand adventure!

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Adventure Guide Program - New Zealand

12 weeks intensive practical and theoretical training, world-recognised guiding qualifications, plus work placements in the adventure touris...