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Galapagos Islands


Our time in Ecuador for the Expedition Leader Program mainly focuses on experiencing the unique beauty and biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands. 19 islands each with unique geology and native wildlife, Galapagos is the perfect location to complete our biodiversity and ecological research studies. You’ll see giant tortoises, penguins, marine iguanas, huge albatross. You’ll snorkel, hike, kayak and watch the many varied wildlife in a fascinating few days that you will remember forever. You'll also enjoy Quito, the capital city, as well as completing some community project work here, including beach clean ups, community recycling programs, assisting with environmental clubs and gardening programs in local schools, tree planting programs and leading community workshops. These activities take place in small villages that Pure Exploration is developing strong ties to, that we hope to leave a lasting positive impact on, and we can be proud to help grow. 

Check out more about our program in the beautiful Galapagos below!



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Expedition Leader

You'll develop extensive guiding skills and qualifications specialising in altitude and steep terrain, learn wilderness medicine and get cru...