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The world is your classroom...

Our adventure programs were created to provide opportunities to gain valuable qualifications and experience in the outdoor and tourism industries while emphasizing personal development and global citizenship. Whether you are looking for a GAP year option prior to entering university, a way to enter the adventure tourism industry, or are looking for an exciting next step, our adventure programs are an exciting and unforgettable way to travel. 

We have chosen a number of locations for our adventure programs - each selected for their value to a certain type of traveler. For instance, Patagonia is a dream location for hiking enthusiasts and those wanting to experience its sublime beauty, Africa for its incredible native wildlife and Queenstown New Zealand for its awesome mix of fun, outdoor life, and varied landscape. Other locations fit within a global itinerary - so feature as an exciting destination featured for specific educational or historical significance, where it becomes part of a progressive immersive travel experience for the program participants.

Please check out the range of countries we operate in below...


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