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International Educator



90 Days




Leading change on a global scale. Helping small communities revive ecological regions. Protecting native biodiversities. Helping to break the cycle of poverty. Traveling with a difference, traveling making a difference.


7 Jun - 4 Sep

Our program is not only about how you can help, its about how you can lead your own international programs to create change.


 You’ll learn how to assess and develop service programs in collaboration with local communities, lead programs of volunteers, and run or coordinate your own sustainable projects. Gain confidence and skills to drive change. 
This 3 month program is broken into 3 modules that give you some varied experiences of volunteer projects happening around the globe. You’ll learn how these work and begin to develop your own planning and educator skills as the program progresses. Each module builds on the one before - as the course progresses so will your skills; your proficiency as a global traveller, to effectively give back, and your confidence to lead others. The itinerary itself also progresses into more challenging global regions, continuously immersing you in learning experiences and developing key global program educator skills.


We created this program as an immersive learning experience, where the assessment occurs naturally during everyday experiences, your proficiency will grow as the program itself gets progressively more challenging.


The itinerary was chosen specifically to complement each stage of the training. As the level of skill required increases, the destinations chosen will similarly become more challenging with language barriers, logistical challenges,and/or poor infrastructure.


You’ll leave this program confident in your global travelling skills, in your ability to plan, develop and execute effective community engagement projects, environmental service and volunteer programs, and ready to tackle any new venture that you may be planning.


  • 3 month international educator training and qualification program
  • Dynamic, immersive course that progresses with each new destination
  • Focus on mentorship & learning through shared experiences
  • Qualified & experienced global educators and a program manager hosting in all countries
  • NZOIA Leadership Qualifications (completed internationally)
  • NZQA Adult Education & Training (Level 5)
  • International Wilderness First Aid & First Responder certificates
  • Accommodation and most meals provided all program
  • All technical equipment, program related transport & travel (except your flight to and from home)
  • Gain experience in adventure travel management, expedition/travel medicine, community service projects, youth work, peer leadership, and volunteering


  • English Language Fluency
  • Be 18 years or older at time of commencement
  • Moderate fitness is recommended. All professional development and training is provided
  • Have a passion for travel, adventure, & tourism
  • A desire to accept challenges, a thirst for knowledge, a love of outdoor activities or for our natural environment
  • Be a social team player that enjoys helping others discover adventure!

Note spaces on this program are extremely limited, as work placements are held with tourism operators for limited staff numbers. 



Month 1 - Travel Leadership - China, Laos, Thailand

Time for an introduction to the essentials that will become your bread and butter for the next three months - the core skills needed for global travel in groups: Budgeting, logistics, dealing with operators, hygiene, safety, eating, airports and new cultures.

WHAT VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE YOU’LL GAIN: Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre, Chengdu, China Community project, Luang Prabang, Laos

WHERE YOU'LL BE: Chengdhu, Tiger Leaping Gorge - China, Luang Prabang - Laos, Chiang Mai & surrounds - Thailand


Month 2 - Progressing your skills - Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru

From here, we move to the stunning Central Americas. A progression from the skills gained in Month 1, you’ll actively be involved in the scoping and assessment of your own projects in a number of exciting locations. Latin America brings its own challenges, as communties struggle with poverty, gender discrimination, and environmental degredation.

It’s time to explore the socio, cultural, political and historical framework of Latin America, and make some assessments on how positive impact can be made in the places you visit.

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN: Advanced progression in leadership knowledge/skills Theoretical research and cultural understanding Learn the principles of sustainable volunteering Gain skills & practices for meaningful service Athropological studies and assessments Environmental research project, Galapagos Varied community project work , Ecuador

WHERE YOU'LL BE: Quito - Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Cusco, Sacred Valley Machu Picchu, Ausangate - Peru

Month 2 continued - Cultural & historical learning - Peru

Next up, in the beautiful mountains of Peru, a small local village will be your classroom for a fantastic cultural exchange.

Your homestay experience will focus around cultural and historical learning, and helping small communities become subsistent, sustainable and economically strong.

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN: Simple research techniques Risk assessment skills for project appraisal Learn practical skills to help community projects- mixing concrete, framing, gardening, basic carpentry Study the impact of tourism in alpine Peru Homestay experience in Peruvian mountain village


Month 3 - Community & Conservation - Costa Rica & Nicaragua

It’s now time to consolidate your educator and project skills and put them in play in the amazing rainforests and beach paradises of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. These developing world countries have their fair share of challenges in regards to gender equality, education, access to fresh water and services and conservation. You’ll partake in a range of conservation and community activities where you’ll actively plan and monitor progress.

Complete needs assessment and scoping exercises
Understand the importance of cultural sensitivity when working in developing world locations
Learn about fundraising, management practices, program planning
Practice running your own mini-project - from needs assessment through to execution

WHERE YOU'LL BE: San Jose, Puerto Jiminez & Oso Peninsula - Costa Rica, Granada Nicaragua


Weekly breakdown


We know that 3 months may sound like a long time to be training, studying and travelling with us!

But what’s great about this program is that every week is different. Your time will be split between a range of activities, to ensure you have all the technical skills and experience needed to succeed, but also enough time to chill, sleep in, experience special cultural sites & locations in each country, and go practice your new guiding and trekking skills.

The order of these activities will change each week depending on a number of things - your travel itinerary,
the weather, or the training your program manager has planned for you at the time. At the start of each week you will be briefed on the plan for the week ahead so you can get organised and get excited!


  • 4 days of Technical Training

  • 1 day of Self-Directed Learning

  • 1 day for Group Learning

  • 1 day for Travel or Free Day

    *As noted above, the order of days will change each week and as your program progresses. This is simply a general outline.


This is a sample itinerary. Modules may occur in a different order due to weather conditions or scheduling requirements