People are drawn to the adventure tourism and outdoor education industry for many reasons, but in our modern world where technology and consumerism clog our senses and mundane busyness leaves us weary at the end of each day, it is no wonder this industry is booming.  

We are all happier in the outdoors, you feel better, you sleep better, time slows and the air feels good to breathe in. 

These programs are unparalleled for their practical, immersive, field focused training outside the classroom, which transition into high-quality industry experience. 

Our industry training programs were created to provide opportunities to gain valuable qualifications in the outdoor and tourism industries, but more importantly to consolidate learning through on-the-job training or development, supervised individual development, and high-quality industry work experience. 

Whether you are looking for a GAP year program option prior to entering university, a way to enter the adventure tourism, outdoor education and instruction industry, or career break ideas, our industry training programs are perfectly suited for you. These programs provide an excellent way to enter the industry at a valuable, in-demand level of qualification, or a pathway to advanced mountaineering or further technical qualification.

You'll gain valuable training and industry exposure in a structured but laid-back environment designed to give you all the tools you need to enter the outdoor industry ready to take on any challenge. 

You'll head out into the backcountry, to places most only dream of seeing to learn everything it takes to become an outdoor guide. Gain guiding qualifications in Hiking and Rock climbing, as well as an intensive outdoors based 40-hour first aid training program and a Swift-water rescue certification. Complete your training with real-world industry experience that will look killer on your CV.

Although designed for New Zealand & Australian based students with significant time available for their training and development, International students encouraged and welcome.


Outdoor Adventure Guide Training Program