Don't Forget about the Soft Skills

One thing that is generally overlooked when first getting started in the guiding industry is our development of soft skills. For the most part we naturally are drawn to improving our hard skills, focusing on processes such as orienteering or our ropework, as it seems like the natural progression. Although still very important, this often means other important skills become neglected, inhibiting us from becoming well-versed guides.


Soft Skills 


Soft skills include attributes such as learning to communicate effectively, managing group dynamics, modifying your teaching style to situations or individuals, problem-solving, adapting plans on the go and conflict resolution. On our Adventure Guide Programs, students will not only leave with the hard skills required to take on the guiding industry but also leave you with experience applying a variety of soft skills which will be transferable and desirable no matter the path you choose to take.

Past students have blogged and vlogged about their various experiences, and what they learned about themselves beyond the hard skills on the program. Check out some of our blogs like 'An Irish Girl in the Himalayas' and 'What you learn about yourself when traveling the world'.


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