Logbooks Are Your Best Friend!

What is a logbook?

A logbook in the guiding industry is essentially a record of completed activities relating to a specific outdoor pursuit. In it, you track details such as: location, date, activity, duration, weather, terrain, lessons, noteworthy events, etc.

You may have one logbook for hiking for example, another for rock climbing, another for kayaking, etc. 


Can a logbook help me get a job or qualifications?

Keeping an accurate, up-to-date, and truthful account of your adventures can help you to pass the qualifications or bag that job you’ve been wanting to apply for. In many cases, an assessor or employer will often require your logbook in order to assess your suitability for the job or to make sure you have met the requirements to pass an assessment. Essentially your logbook will become your resume and proof of experience in the industry.

What should I record?

All ventures big and small are all worthy of a mention in the logbooks. The more time and experience under your belt the better. Employers want to see diversity, meaning logged activities with varying bouts of intensity, ranging weather conditions, varying graded routes as well as a mix of personal days, client days, and training days. All of this shows your superior that you are well-rounded and equipped for handling a multitude of different situations if they were to arise. Not only is this key for professional development, but also for your personal life. Keeping track of your adventures means you can see what you might need to do more of, analyze areas in which you can grow, mistakes made, and lessons learned, and reflect on areas you could improve on. Your logbook can help you to continually develop and learn, and show awareness and autonomy in doing so.

Do I need a logbook to join a Pure Exploration Program?

For the above reasons, logbooks are a big part of our programs here at Pure Ex. You don't need to come prepared with a logbook, it's great if you already have a start! But on our programs, we will introduce you to logging and recording your adventures, as we follow an industry-standard syllabus that will train and build your experience in differing types of terrain. We will help you learn to navigate various types of weather systems, complete activities across a range of physical difficulties, and become proficient at assessing and mitigating risks. You will learn and reflect, experience time leading real-life clients and start to really build a diverse set of skills that will all be great building blocks when creating your outdoor resume.


Where can I find an example logbook?

There are a few versions of logbooks available online. We have an example logbook available that we are happy to share with budding adventurers, simply fill out your details below and one of our Program Advisors will be in touch.


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