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These epic outdoor adventure guide training programs are the perfect mix of travel, skill-based learning, qualifications and work experience. Whether its a chance to clear your head and get away from studies for a year, or maybe your first step into becoming a guide in the adventure tourism industry, this program will provide you with a constructive, challenging and life changing experience.

We have two programs running at present in New Zealand and Patagonia. Each location offers something unique for the right candidate. So whether you are a rock climbing fanatic keen to make it a career path, or maybe just someone looking to spend 3 months being active and living somewhere inspiring, we have you covered.

Check out our awesome programs below...

New Zealand Adventure Guide training program

Adventure Guide Program - New Zealand

This 12 week program is broken into 3 x 1 month modules that focus on different key areas to build your repertoire of skills and experience....

Adventure Guide Program in Patagonia

Adventure Guide Program - Patagonia

From technical skills to emergency safety and group dynamics, our comprehensive 3 month Adventure Guide Program will prep you with all the s...