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Adventure Guide Program - Iceland

Outdoor Adventure Guide Training & Qualification Course


12 Weeks




Join us for this epic 12-week program in Iceland. We will hike to remote mountain tops as we try to catch the northern lights, learn about Iceland’s culture and unique environmental features, dine with the lovely locals and explore some of the best rock climbing and hiking spots on the planet. You’ll also gain industry standard hiking qualifications, your Wilderness First Aid and rock climbing certification!


17 Jun - 8 Sep


16 Jun - 7 Sep


An Adventure Guide Program is the first step in your dream of becoming an outdoor adventure guide. Your time on this 12-week course will be split between practical and theoretical training, while you explore Iceland and gain world-recognized hiking qualifications and rock climbing certifications!


This program gains participants the following guiding qualifications:

  • Industry standard Trekking Leader Qualification
  • Industry standard Rock Climbing Supervisor Qualification
  • Pure Exploration Certificate of Guiding
  • International Wilderness First Aid Certification 
  • Swift Water Rescue Safety Level 1



Our Iceland Adventure Guide Program offers you an epic 12 weeks in one of the most impressively diverse landscapes in the world. Dramatic cliffsides and rainbow-colored mountains set the scene for your itinerary, featuring Instagram-worthy and utterly unforgettable volcanoes and geothermal geysers as well as glaciers, sparse river valleys and windswept coastal shores.


The format of the course is straightforward, but you will be moving to a different home-base every week, ensuring that you will constantly have new landscapes to explore and be inspired by. You will walk away with outdoor instructor certifications in hiking, rock climbing, and international wilderness first aid, ensuring your place as either a future leader in nature or as someone capable of travelling to any adventure location in the world!


 Adventure Guide Program Iceland



Enormous cascading waterfalls, incredible natural hot springs, moon-like ancient lava fields and rainbow-striped mountains. Iceland is a country of unbelievable beauty and farfetched mythology. Its landscape is characterized by sand and lava fields, mountains and glaciers.


From a hiking perspective, its isolated beauty remains a big drawcard for those who are keen to get away from well-worn tourist trails in other countries and experience something unique. The chance to combine a stunning Icelandic hike while seeing the amazing Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) is enough to get most adventurers hyped for the beauty of this country. We can't wait to share it with you!



This outdoor adventure program is suitable for anyone who wants to embark on a career to become a global guide, or simply to challenge their own understanding of what it means to take on the wild. Gain skills you'll use your whole life as a hiker, climber and lover of exploring untouched regions. Bring on the adventures!


  • 12-week adventure tourism training and qualification program based in Iceland
  • Accommodation and food allowance during training
  • All technical equipment, in-program related transport & travel
  • Experienced Pure Exploration program leader supported by local guides
  • Industry standard Trekking Leader qualification
  • Industry standard Rock Climbing Supervisor qualification
  • International Wilderness First Aid certification
  • Swift Water Rescue Safety Level 1 Certificate
  • Pure Exploration Certificate of Adventure Guiding
  • Three multi-night hiking trips through the colorful mountains, past active volcanoes, and under roaring waterfalls
  • Modules on guiding and leadership skills, critical incident management & technical skills
  • Very personalized small group experience, maximum of 12 participants


  • English Language Fluency
  • Be 18-35 years old at the time of commencement
  • Moderate fitness is recommended. All professional development and training is provided
  • Have a passion for travel, adventure, & tourism
  • A desire to accept challenges, a thirst for knowledge, a love of outdoor activities or for our natural environment
  • Be a social team player that enjoys helping others discover adventure!


A diverse and exciting program designed to keep everyone interested and busy throughout their stay, balancing plenty of action, learning, social and free time.

WEEK 1: Orientation/Exploration, Reykjavik

velkomin to Iceland!

On arrival in picturesque Reykjavic, you’ll be met by your program leader. After a comprehensive program briefing, you’ll immerse yourself in the epic nature surrounding your new home base. Your days will be spent digging into the country’s history at the local museums, checking out the local street art scene, and getting to know your fellow participants. You'll discuss the learning outcomes for the program, spend time participating in team bonding exercises, play various games and have time to explore your new back yard whilst taking part in an organised scavenger hunt! It's a really great few days and will begin lifelong friendships with your Pure Ex family!

WEEK 2: Hiking Module 1, Reykjavic


You’ll embark on a multitude of hikes, ranging from cruisy panoramic coastal walks to challenging and rewarding less discovered paths providing unrivalled scenery.

You will hike through lava fields covered in moss and blueberries, loop through icy rivers that feed the country’s biggest waterfalls and bask in the hot waters of hidden natural spring pools. You’ll be introduced to overnight hiking, learning the most effective and comfortable ways to pack your bags and set up camp for the night.

Hike Module 1 will introduce you to day-hikes, overnight hikes, navigation, weather and map reading then introduce you to essential training in group management, risk analysis, and leadership.

WEEK 3: Rock Climbing Module 1, Reykjavic

Time to hit the rocks! You’ll spend the week learning and absorbing the different techniques involved in rock climbing, including vital safety precautions, harnessing, belaying, rappelling, top-roping and an intro to Lead climbing.

WEEK 4: Hiking Module 2, Landmannalagar

This week will have you packing your bags for the stimulating days ahead and experience the epitome of Icelandic wilderness. Your first multi-night trek is the world-famous Laugavegur trail, showcasing colourful valleys, rough volcanic mountain ranges, massive glaciers and fields of hardened lava. It is a popular trail, so you will have plenty of opportunities to engage with other like-minded travellers appreciating the immense beauty this tiny country holds.

The second leg of the module is the lesser-known Hellismannaleið trail. It will be more challenging both with its terrain and its exposure to the elements, and you will push your boundaries – and be breathlessly rewarded. Each day you will be provided with the rare experience of disconnecting from the online world and reconnecting with the outside world, and each night, after setting up camp, you will have the important practice of digesting it all.

WEEK 5: First Aid Training, Vik

Ground yourself in the special town of Vik, Iceland’s most southernmost city. With its black volcanic sand beaches stretching out into the dramatic Atlantic Ocean, it’s not hard to see why it is a commonly used marketing backdrop to lure tourists to Iceland. You will be based here for the duration of your Wilderness First Aid training week and have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the fantastically diverse surroundings.

WEEK 6: Rock Climbing Module 2, Hnappavellir

Discover why the local climbers make a yearly pilgrimage to this unique rock-climbing paradise, with its beautiful basalt rocks stretching across a cliff over 2 miles long, overlooking waterfalls and sheep, beaches and foxes. This sets the scene for your second rock climbing module, which will introduce you to lead climbing single-pitch sport crags. You will test your endurance and your courage every day, discovering what you are truly capable of achieving with your mind and body.

Week 7: Hiking Module 3, Skaftafell/Vatnajokull National Park

Set up basecamp at Iceland’s biggest national park, providing you access to some of the most enviable hikes in the country. During this weeklong module you will focus on orienteering and invaluable safety measures while you’re leading clients in the wild.

WEEK 8: Hiking Module 4, Viknaslodir Trek

Put your knowledge and strength to the test in this remote part of the country. Known as the Land of the Elves, the eastern region of Iceland is rich in nature and folklore. As the stories go, there are hundreds of elves throughout the countryside, including the Elf Queen herself! Although they are known to keep to themselves, they have been rumoured to retaliate against any trespassers disrespecting their nature. The elves have inhabited arguably the most beautiful part of the country, with its unspoiled fjords, brightly coloured mountain ranges, and abundance of playful puffins.

WEEK 9 & 10: Rock Climbing Modules 3-4, Akureyri

For your final two rock-climbing modules, you will be based at crags right around the corner from Akureyri. The climbing will expose you to original routes, requiring you to develop more creativity in your continually evolving climbing habits. The fishing town of Akureyri is positioned at the base of Eyjafjordur Fjord in the north of the country.

Week 11 & 12: Client Days, Assessment, Program Wrap, Reykjavik

Your final two weeks of the course will see you putting your practice into action. You will have the chance to lead clients in both bush and rock climbing days, followed by your final assessments. We find most of our students feel they are more than prepared for assessments, finding their climbing and hiking knowledge far exceeds the standards required to pass. What does this mean? As long as you do the work, you'll fly through!

After assessments are over, there is some great time at the end of program to rest, reflect on your adventure, celebrate at a fun graduation dinner and start planning your next epic international mission with your new best mates! We absolutely love seeing where our Pure Ex grads end up, some in guiding roles, some continuing travelling, some back to study or their careers, some joining us to work for us or our partner company Pacific Discovery! Some find the trajectory of their life has completely changed post-program, and head off to climb more mountains with new friends, new girlfriends or boyfriends, new priorities and new values. The journey is just beginning!



This is a sample guide to what you can expect to do on the program. Please note that treks, locations and the order in which the activities occur  may be subject to change, due to seasonality, operational requirements or health & safety.



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