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Adventure Guide Program - Africa

Outdoor Guide Training, Experience & Work


90 Days


Southern Africa


Our program isn’t your usual African jeep safari experience. We go deeper into the mountains and jungles, beyond the tourist route to small game reserves and savannahs focused on sustainability. You’ll be surfing at J-Bay and horse trekking the Drakensburg range, viewing the big-5 but also so many other deadly and fascinating animals.


1 Jun - 29 Aug


20 Jan - 19 April

From technical skills to emergency safety and group dynamics, our comprehensive three month Adventure Guide Program will prep you with all the skills needed to pass your guiding qualifications and feel confident to guide groups. 


 The program is broken into three modules that focus on different key areas to build your repertoire of skills and experience. Your time in Africa will be split between intensive practical and theoretical training, gaining world-recognised guiding qualifications, plus work experience in the adventure tourism industry. 

Based across South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique, the areas of focus will be:

  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Horse trekking
  • Surfing
  • Safari education

If you are into animals, or have been waiting for a chance to experience Africa beyond the standard tourist route - this program is for you!


Mysterious, dangerous Africa. Maybe it was the sultry tones of David Attenborough's storytelling or Simba and his mates who convinced you, or the appeal of visiting the home of humanity - Africa is an incomparable destination and the perfect place to gain some crucial outdoor skills.


You'll learn camp-craft, fieldcraft, outdoor survival skills, river /rope safety and leadership. While this is an Adventure Guide Program, it's not all about the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. There will be cultural activities and exchange; sightseeing and touring; personal development; community and social events; free time and plenty of opportunity for exploration. 


To become a global guide, you will embark on a remarkable journey of learning, experiences and coaching. Africa’s diverse and incredible outdoors will be your classroom, with lessons on leadership, technical skills, group dynamics and group psychology, and strategies to help in every area of life. 



  • 12 week adventure tourism training and qualification program that will take you across South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique, from high mountain terrain to coastal jungles and white sand beaches
  • Accommodation and meals for duration of program
  • Work experience in the adventure tourism industry
  • All technical equipment, program related transport & travel
  • Qualified & experienced technical instructors
  • Pure Exploration Certificate of Adventure Guiding
  • NZ Outdoor Instructor Association Leader Hiking Qualification
  • International Wilderness First Aid certificate
  • Modules on guiding and leadership skills, critical incident management & technical skills
  • Swift Water River Rescue Level 1 Certificate
  • Enjoy the experience of living amongst the unforgettable animals and terrain of Southern Africa!


  • English Language Fluency
  • Be 18 years or older at time of commencement
  • Moderate fitness is recommended. All professional development and training is provided
  • Have a passion for travel, adventure, & tourism
  • A desire to accept challenges, a thirst for knowledge, a love of outdoor activities or for our natural environment
  • Be a social team player that enjoys helping others discover adventure!

Note spaces on this program are extremely limited, as work placements are held with tourism operators for limited staff numbers. 


A diverse and exciting program designed to keep everyone interested and busy throughout their stay, balancing plenty of action, learning, social and free time. 


Our African internship has a slightly different format to the rest of our internships, as we incorporate interactions with native wildlife, animals and add a horse trekking element. In the first 4 weeks we will take you on a number of cool adventures to facilitate the learning outcomes required. You’ll be spending your time doing the following..

St Lucia
Jeffreys Bay

Guiding core skills
Rock climbing core skills
Introduction to horse trekking/basic horsemanship
Learning to surf


It’s time to get those hiking boots out and experience the African mountains on foot! Much as you did with the rock climbing camp in Month 1, this month you’ll be working on your hiking foundation skills, as well as group leadership, navigation, camp-craft, safety and risk assessments.

Wild Coast

Advanced guiding skills
Hiking core skills
Outdoor survival techniques
Game reserve visits
Beach time!

WEEKS 9-12: Assessment & Work experience


Your last group activity with the team before you get into the more formal aspects of the program will be an awesome Lesotho horse trek, a multi-day adventure where you’ll be riding horseback to explore new high terrain, camp out in the wild and soak up the unforgettable experience of sleeping under the African stars. Then up next is...


To finish your training section of the internship, you’ll complete two crucial safety certifications to add to your repertoire:
Wilderness First Aid certificate

Swift White Water Rescue Level 1


Time to jump into guiding!
You’ll be placed with various employers over these final weeks to satisfy log book requirements, giving each of you a minimum of 5 client days as lead or assistant guides in hiking and guiding.


NZOIA Leader Guide Qualifications - Hiking
Swift White Water Rescue Level 1
Wilderness First Aid certificate
Crucial work experience
Work experience references for your CV
Further horse trekking experience


Each week will include*

  • 4 days of Technical Training
  • 1 day of Self-Directed Learning
  • 1 day for Classroom Learning
  • 1 day for Admin or as Free Day

*The order of days will change each week and as your training progresses. This is simply a general outline.


If you're keen to maximise your time with us, you might want to consider the following paid add-ons...

Guaranteed* work placement position - NZD$1,500
If you pass your assessments, and have demonstrated a great attitude and potential for guiding, this is when we support your preparation and assist you in being placed into your paid work!

Self Led Expedition - NZD$1,875 - Choose a location, plan and lead your own expedition! Put all your new outdoor guiding skills to use for a self led 2 week adventure including transport, equipment, meals and accommodation. Chat to us for more details. 

Other Pure Ex Programs
We have a number of exciting programs in a range of countries that you may be keen to experience. These include:

Expedition Leader Program - For those keen to push their skills in high alpine regions, and begin to specialise in altitude and advanced technical hiking. A global course that finishes in the Himalayas.

International Educator Program - Perfect for those looking to become valuable contributors rather than just volunteer tourists. Learn how to make an impact and run your own global community, service and conservation projects.



This is a sample itinerary. Modules may occur in a different order due to weather conditions or scheduling requirements

*Guaranteed work placement positions are available as a paid add-on to your course fee, paid in full along with your course fee. We will assist you wherever possible in obtaining employment post course, on the conditions that you have passed your relevant assessments, hold a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand, and have demonstrated a good attitude. You will be placed with one of our partner companies.