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Adventure Guide Program - 6 weeks, Queenstown NZ

Hike, Rock, First Aid + Swift water rescue


6 Weeks


New Zealand


This is the shorter version of our Adventure Guide program, for those that don't have a full 12 weeks to spare.
You will complete 2 weeks of Bush training, 2 weeks of Rock training, PHEC First Aid + Swift Water rescue! All jam-packed into 42 days based in the stunning resort town of Queenstown, NZ! This is a perfect program for those looking to experience the best that New Zealand has to offer, in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost than our full 12 week program.


11 SEP - 22 OCT


22 Jan - 4 Mar



While this is an Adventure Guide program, it's not all about the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. There will be sightseeing and touring; personal development; community and social events; free time and plenty of opportunity for exploration.  


Whether you are looking for a glimpse into what the Adventure tourism industry could offer, or just an awesome educational opportunity to live in one of the most amazing places on earth, the Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Program is an epic, constructive, and rewarding way to spend 6 weeks in New Zealand! 


You’ll love arriving into Queenstown – it’s a great place for hiking mountains, swimming in lakes and rivers, pub crawls, live music, locals food and drink specials, frisbee golf and fireside chats. Queenstown is filled with an exciting mix of backpackers, ski seasonnaires, outdoor enthusiasts and local legends.


  • 2 weeks rock climbing in Queenstown and Wanaka regions
  • 2 weeks hiking in Queenstown, Wanaka and Fiordland regions
  • 5 day pre-hospital emergency care (PHEC) training and qualification
  • SWIFT water rescue training and qualification
  • 6 weeks shared accommodation in Queenstown
  • 6 weeks food allowance
  • All technical equipment, program related transport & travel
  • Qualified & experienced technical instructors
  • Live, learn, socialise and have fun in the Adventure Capital of the World; Queenstown!


  • English Language Fluency
  • Be 18-35 years old at time of commencement
  • Moderate fitness is recommended. All professional development and training is provided
  • Have a passion for travel, adventure, & tourism
  • A desire to accept challenges, a thirst for knowledge, a love of outdoor activities or for our natural environment
  • Be a social team player that enjoys helping others discover adventure!

Note spaces on this program are limited



Katherine's reflection of the Adventure Guide Program

Katherine, Colorado USA

"I walked away with some really good friends, and some great skills that I anticipated learning, and some that I didn't anticipate learning!"

Curtis summarises his Adventure Guide Program experience


I found Pure Ex, through a facebook ad. I took a shot at signing up and 100% do not regret. I was apart of the Sept 2018 Adventure guide program. Where i met 12 new friends and tackle the beauty of New Zealand, South Island. Recommend to anyone whose looking for something new and exciting. If you're a nature lover any of these programs are calling your name!

Stacy's time in New Zealand

Stacy, Michigan USA

If you love the outdoors and being active, traveling and furthering yourself, I reckon the Adventure Program through Pure Exploration is for you! I really enjoyed the chance to experience New Zealand like a local and not a tourist and having the chance to get off the beaten path. The instructors were awesome, knowledgable and very legit! I look back at where I started, what I accomplished, and where I am now within that 3 months and it is crazy!


A diverse and exciting program designed to keep everyone interested and busy throughout their stay, balancing plenty of action, learning, social and free time.

WEEKS 1 - 2: Orientation and Hiking


Welcome to Queenstown! We spend a few days having a group orientation where the group will get to know each other, settle into accommodation and have a typical kiwi BBQ and few beers. Over the next few days you'll all discuss the learning outcomes for the program, spend time participating in team bonding exercises, play various games and have time to explore your new back yard whilst taking part in an organised scavenger hunt! It's a really great few days and will solidify lifelong friendships with your Pure Ex family really quickly!

You’ll get an in-depth briefing providing you the core skills needed for the training ahead. Not to mention exploring some stunning local sights along the way!

Hike Module one will introduce you to day-hikes, overnight hikes, navigation, weather and map reading then introduce you to essential training in group management, risk analysis, and leadership.

WEEKS 3 – 4: Rock Climbing and Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)


On your third week we get you all kitted out to spend some time on the rock face climbing! In rock module one you get stuck into training on equipment, safety, top-roping and an intro to Lead climbing. Weather dependent we usually spend the week over towards Wanaka, where we explore some of the sweet rock faces they have over that side of the mountains!

On the fourth week we spend time in Queenstown, where participants will undertake Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) training. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, participants will receive an internationally recognised qualification. PHEC is known as "the beast" of first aid training and is the industry standard for adventure industry professionals. It's delivered by leading outdoor safety and emergency care professionals who we have worked closely with for a number of years and is ideal for those who are looking to lead groups in an outdoor environment. Participants become familiar with the use of advanced emergency care equipment such as oxygen, defibrillators and BP cuffs as well as other resuscitation techniques. 

WEEKS 5 - 6: Further hiking, rock climbing and SWIFT water rescue training

At this point of the program, we take it up a notch. It’s time to test your limits and push those new skills. We take you to a few more challenging locations where you’ll have to pull together as a team to get through, and where you’ll really start to see the value in ensuring processes are followed and back-up plans are in place!

Hike Module Two covers: Multi-day hiking, camping, nutrition, leadership, navigation, flora and fauna and natural interpretation skills

Rock Module Two covers: Lead climbing, top-roping systems, abseiling, transitions and clifftop safety 

Two days are also spent in the water, with our custom SWIFT water rescue training. This course will teach you the skills needed in order to read and understand water patterns, water safety, rules and regulations, environmental and cultural practices, as well as how to conduct river rescues. It's a great course to compliment the PHEC qualification, and it will instill in you a general sense of confidence around water.



Each week will include*

  • 5 days of Technical Training
  • 1 day of Self-Directed Learning
  • 1 day for Admin or as Free Day

*The order of days will change each week and as your training progresses. This is simply a general outline.


If you enjoy your time on program and would like to extend to the 12 week, you can always reach out to your Program Advisor to explore this option further. 

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This is a sample itinerary. Modules may occur in a different order due to weather conditions or scheduling requirements