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Adventure Guide Programs & Courses


What is an adventure guide?

By definition, an outdoor adventure guide is someone who guides and instructs outdoor activities, like hiking or rock climbing.

The term ‘adventure guide’ is quite broad, as there are many different pathways you can take and roles you can have. Some adventure guides only commit to half-day jobs in their own backyard, others prefer to travel for a couple of months to guide an entire expedition. Many guides work for adventure tourism companies, with others operating their own small businesses. It’s varied, with lots of opportunity to both specialise and diversity your skills, and that’s why we love it!



What is an Adventure Guide Program?

An Adventure Guide Training Program is the first step in your dream of becoming an outdoor adventure guide. 

Your time on this twelve-week program is split between practical and theoretical training, and you gain industry-standard hiking and rock climbing skills all whilst exploring an amazing country or specific region. 

At the end of the twelve weeks, these qualifications will be yours:

NZOIA Bush Leader (NZ only) 

NZOIA Rock Leader (NZ only)

Pure Exploration Certificate of Guiding (all regions)

International Wilderness First Aid Certificate 

You'll also do training in Outdoor River Safety (NZ) OR White Water Level 1 Rescue (Nepal only) 


Adventure travel at its best

Are you a hiking enthusiast, longing to explore the middle earth landscape that’s synonymous with New Zealand? If you’re looking for the original AGP, where outdoor exploration is in abundance and qualifications are recognised globally  -  Queenstown is the program location for you! 

Are you keen to witness the climbing mecca township that is El Chalten? Are you longing to gaze up at the Fitz Roy mountain range and eager to undertake real life glacier exploration? If so, join us and experience the sublime beauty of Patagonia

Alternatively, have you been dreaming of the Himalayas and are driven by the thought of high-altitude trekking? Are you searching for a three-month immersion into a rich, ancient culture whilst purposefully winding your way through ever changing landscapes? Nepal is calling for you. 


Why choose an Adventure Guide Program?

Our students are all on their own personal journeys, searching for something slightly different. The Adventure Guide Program (AGP) is perfect for those who are looking for a personal challenge and are searching for some sort of structure and fulfillment beyond a simple gap year experience. Many join the program as they’re considering becoming an Outdoor Guide and are committed to progressing their existing skills and establishing new ones, recognising that our AGP is a great first step to enter the industry!


The AGP delivers valuable training and industry experience in an approachable and laid-back environment. The program is designed to equip you with the tools you need to progress in the outdoor industry, or simply build your confidence so that you’re ready for your next challenge with renewed energy and self-awareness. The other AGP participants will become your family, providing invaluable support throughout. Your group will ground you, inspire you and most likely, become your lifelong friends.


The AGP runs in various locations around the world, each delivering on a slightly different, but equally thrilling, experience. You can check the pricing and dates of upcoming programs here. If you’re considering signing up to one of our programs, or if you have any other questions, please fill in this form. Our team members are all keen adventure enthusiasts themselves and are based out of our head office located in Queenstown, NZ.

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