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Queenstown Adventure Guide Program


What I've really loved about this program is just being out in the incredible nature of New Zealand, especially during the hikes where you will camp, do overnights in these beautiful valleys surrounded by the mountains and having the stars above you at night and not having any other people around you, that's just amazing.

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program


I think I learned that I am a lot more grounded in myself and independent than I thought I was coming into it. It was really cool seeing how easily the friendships came, how easily learning about the culture and fitting into it came.

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program


It was awesome. I would say 10/10. Everyone was great, the group was great, the accommodation was really nice. We had good fun with the people upstairs so there was that camaraderie and then overall the activities were awesome, so can't complain.

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program

Lauren, Jeff and Nina

The highlight was some of the really sick missions we've been able to go on and the group. The group itself has been the best thing, like family. And it's not really an experience I'll have again, because living with 12 strangers for three months and just becoming really close is something different.

Nepal Adventure Guide Program


I expected crazy outdoor experiences which I've gotten, in a good way of course, and meeting outstanding people across the country and I think the reality is both of those are correct.

The Pure Ex Family - Queenstown AGP

Stephanie Ose

I've spent the last 3 months part of the Adventure Guide Program in Queenstown, travelling to some of the most stunning parts of New Zealand hiking and learning to climb. We started off as 11 strangers but after 90 days living together, travelling, exploring, learning, growing, and pushing ourselves, we're now a little family who raise each other up. We've achieved so much together (and I'm not just talking about all the qualifications we bossed), I'm so glad I made the decision to join the Pure Ex crew

Becoming an Expedition Leader


I had an incredible trip on the Expedition Leader Program! I decided to challenge myself and get on board an amazing adventure with PureEx and definitely did not regret it. The team was so friendly and I got to learn so many new skills including my NZOIA Bushwalking Leader credential and my Wilderness First Aid certificate, so if you're thinking about taking part in this program my advice is GO FOR IT!

Expedition Leader Program Review

Chloe Hickey

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Expedition Leader Program! I loved my time travelling and learning with amazing participants and guides. As well as learning about the countries and cultures we travelled It was was amazing to see the impact we made on the community projects we put our time into. I learnt a lot about myself on this trip and it has made a large impact on my life and I am forever grateful to the Pure Ex team for making it happen.

Rosie about her Adventure Guide Program

Rosie Tymms

I can't recommend this Program enough! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue outdoor education as a career, and took the program as a way of testing the waters. I came away with lifelong friends, and a set of both hard and soft skills that I have continuously made use of in the years since leaving the program. No matter your background, if you’re looking for adventure and want to develop your outdoor skills, this is the program for you!

Katherine's reflection of the Adventure Guide Program

Katherine, Colorado USA

"I walked away with some really good friends, and some great skills that I anticipated learning, and some that I didn't anticipate learning!"

Curtis summarises his Adventure Guide Program experience


I found Pure Ex through a facebook ad. I took a shot at signing up and 100% do not regret. I was part of the Sept 2018 Adventure Guide Program, where I met 12 new friends and explored the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. I totally recommend Pure Ex to anyone whose looking for something new and exciting. If you're a nature lover, Pure Ex is calling your name!

Exciting & Adventurous Times!

Dana Ester - Florida, USA

"If you're considering this program, just go for it! I've always wanted to come to NZ, this course was the perfect opportunity to come here but also further my adventure career goals. If you push yourself, this course will help you get where you want to go."

Becoming an adventure guide in NZ

Cyril Delteil, France

Coming from France I was worried about my English, but being here everyday and speaking with native speakers means my English has improved so much, alongside my outdoor skills.

What a great experience!

Vlaho, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Chance to learn from world class guides and climbers. After 3 months with Pure Ex, I got whole new perspective about outdoor world, bunch of new skills, and for sure improvement as a person!

Michel's update 2 years after AGP!

Michel, from Germany

I had no idea what I want to do in my life, but I wanted to get more into Rock Climbing & Outdoor Sports. NZ was on my bucket list, so I cancelled the job I had lined up at a husky farm in Norway and booked my place at Pure Ex. And man, I can tell it was a good decision. I would recommend this program to anybody who is interested in rock climbing, hiking, or generally the outdoors. No matter if it is to enhance your personal skills or learn, how to deal with clients, groups and instruct other people.

Climbing, exploring, loving NZ

Michel Affkerback, Germany

The highlight of the course so far for me is learning to climb multi-pitch by myself, or with a friend, and knowing what to do. If you are into the outdoors and thinking of becoming a guide, do this course! It's based in beautiful New Zealand and you'll learn a lot.

Climbing in Thailand

Lian B, Washington, USA

I don’t know what I expected going into the trip, but what I got was an adventure full of ups and downs, personal growth, adventure, physical, mental, and emotional challenge, new friends, life long memories, and a widened perspective