Top Destinations for Adventure Travel

Adventure can be found in any country in the world. That being said, some countries are just a little bit more blessed with natural features or have been better equipped by adventure operators. To inspire your next adventure, here’s our 5 favourite travel destinations for the experience of a lifetime. Whether you get your kicks from extreme sports in the sky or on the water, racing down a bike track or hiking up a mountain, these countries have something for any adventure traveller!


 1. New Zealand

 Top Destinations Adventure Travel - New Zealand


People from all over the world come to New Zealand for its natural beauty, ranging from snow-capped peaks and glaciers to active volcanoes and stunning beaches. You can kayak through the Fjordlands, hike the Great Walks and cave in Waitomo just for starters. If you’re feeling adventurous and have about 4 months to spare, you can even walk the entire length of New Zealand on a 3000 km route that stretches from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island.

Queenstown in New Zealand is known as the Adventure Capital of the World, so this is a perfect place to start your trip. Jump on the world’s first bungee jump location, swing from one of the biggest swings in the world, whizz down the steepest zipline and experience the thrill of skydiving. The possibilities here are endless!

Bucket list adventures: bungee jumping in Queenstown, heli-skiing in Wanaka, rafting in Rotorua

Recommended Program: Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand


2. Slovenia

 Top Destinations Adventure Travel - Slovenia


Slovenia is not as well-known as its neighbouring countries Italy and Austria, but its diverse landscape lends itself perfectly to plenty of adventure while being free of mass tourism! This incredible country is filled with coastlines, rivers, forests, caves, mountains and waterfalls. 

Each one of these natural gifts makes a perfect fit for an outdoor activity! Raft the rivers, zipline through the forest, explore the caves, fly a paraglider above the mountains and jump off waterfalls! With 10.000 km of marked hiking trails, many National Parks and 175 mountain huts to spend the night in, Slovenia is also a true hikers paradise.

Bucket list adventures: mountaineering in the Julian Alps, caving in Triglav National Park, kayaking the Soča River

Recommended Program: Adventure Guide Program in Slovenia & Italy


3. Iceland

Top Destinations Adventure Travel - Iceland


Iceland is often called the Land of Ice and Fire, and for good reason! On the one hand, this island is packed with magical glaciers and ice-topped mountains. On the other hand, it has geothermal pools, erupting geysers and active volcanoes to explore. 

You’re bound to find an activity to your liking in this country of unbelievable beauty, whether that be horseback riding on the dramatic cliffs, exploring the inside of a volcano or dog sledding on a glacier. After a day of activities and exploration, you should have a rest and enjoy the sight of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) as they start dancing in the sky right after sunset.

Bucket list adventures: white water rafting the Hvítá River, snowmobiling on the Langjökull glacier, ice caving in Vatnajokull

Recommended Program: Adventure Guide Program in Iceland


4. Nepal

Top Destinations Adventure Travel - Nepal


If you’re a mountain person, Nepal will already be on your bucket list. Exploring the iconic Himalayas are something adventure travellers rave about as the experience of a lifetime. So why not give it a go? Pack your hiking shoes and get lost on one of the many hiking trails.

You will trek through isolated mountain villages, meet friendly locals and simply be stunned by the sight of gigantic glaciers and spectacular snow-capped mountains. There’s a lot of treks to choose from, so do your research in advance. Not too keen on a hike? Don’t worry, the mountains lend themselves perfectly to many other activities like mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing and canyoning just to name a few!

Bucket list adventures: trekking Mount Everest, rock climbing in Hattiban, canyoning in Jaibire Canyon

Recommended Program: Adventure Guide Program in Nepal


5. Italy

Top Destinations Adventure Travel - Italy


Most people come to Italy for the ancient ruins, wonderful museums and mouth-watering food, but don’t realise it’s also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. We can assure you, there’s much more to this country than just pizza and wine (although we’re not mad about these wonderful additions)! 

The Dolomites are a good place to start for any adventurer. This mountain range showcases some of Italy’s most amazing landscapes, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, rafting and kayaking among other things. Le Marche follows as a close second. This region is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, and a dream for skiers, bikers and cavers alike.

Bucket list adventures: Scuba diving the sunken city of Baia, hiking the Dolomites, caving in Le Marche

Recommended Program: Adventure Guide Program in Slovenia & Italy

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