Rocking in the free world..

As the year comes to a close, the group that joined us in September for the Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand are also finishing up their time with us. These last weeks are spent nailing down their rock climbing skills training and enjoying each other's company. Let's check in with Ken and see what the latest news is...




Week 10 I think it is now. Wow time has gone by so fast! This was our last rock module. We focused mostly on rigging, and going back to the basics to make sure everyone was confident for when assessments come along. We had 4 days to get sorted before our Swift Water Rescue Training on the weekend.


We spent the week as usual at a Department of Conservation site in Wanaka. Living out of tents, cooking and eating together at night. We split up into cooking groups about mid week through our training to spread the responsibility of feeding the crew. One team would cook, the next clean and the third would cook breakfast the next morning, then rinse and repeat. It worked out really well for us. Above is a shot I took while we were hanging out together waiting for dinner to be cooked at our site..


Our instructors flipped the script on us this week. They wanted us to teach each other as if we were teaching and instructing our clients. So we went over our syllabus and instructed each other in different settings to get ready.

We also squeezed in a lot of personal climbing this week as well. The team was able to build on the skills that they learned over the past few months and put them to the test in a more casual setting. The point of our training is practical learning. You need to be able to physically do it, not just tell someone how to do it. So having the time for personal development and self directed learning is invaluable.


This pic shows the team scanning the crag at Far side as they first walk in. Checking out the rock and potential climbs they might want to hop on. Everyone was super excited to just get on the rock and get some personal climbing done that day.



Smiles are frequent and not hard to find.



The team getting all geared up for their Swift Water Rescue Qualification. The 2-day course consisted of throw bag rescue techniques, river boarding, river rescue and safety techniques. Everyone had a blast getting thrown into the turbulent waters!



No one ever takes good photos of the photographer so I have to selfie it every now and again.


In reality we are all just a bunch of goof balls just trying to figure it all out together.


At the end of the day we all walk away and the learning that comes with it. We all came here for our own reasons, some for a gap year program and some to get their foot into the outdoor industry. We work together, learn together and train together. Cant wait to see where we all end up after the program ends.

- - - 

If joining our next program and experiencing the friendships and exploration that Ken describes so well here appeals, then please do get in touch. Our programs are great for not only those looking to have a year out from study, but also for those needing a break in the outdoors, and those looking to get into the outdoors for a career. There is something in these programs for everyone. Fire through your info below for a detailed itinerary and plenty of info on what its all about.


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