Q&A with Former Patagonia AGP Student, Carmanah

We caught up with past student, Carmanah, who took part in the Patagonia Adventure Guide Program in early 2022 to ask about life after her AGP.


Why did you choose Patagonia?

As a climber Patagonia is iconic. It was on my travel bucket list and the option was available. 

What did you do after you finished your Adventure Guide Program?

After getting back to Canada, I moved across the country to the Rockies. I made a few really good friends who helped expand my knowledge and comfort in the mountains. My winter job was rather uneventful but I managed to get a bunch of skiing in and learn about winter recreating. I now work as a Via Ferrata Guide at Mt. Norquay Ski Resort. 


Carmanh QA2



Did the Adventure Guide Program have a part to play in gaining your current role (skills learned, confidence, etc)?

The course helped me gain confidence in my skills and ability. I also learned a bunch about hiking which has helped immensely at work. 

Have you gone on to do any further qualifications? If so which ones/why?

I proceeded to get AST1 and ACMG Via Ferrata Guide Certification. I plan on a few more in the next year, hopefully AST2 and EMR, as well as ARG but we’ll see! 

Are you still in touch with your AGP group?

Some more than others. Some are my closest friends and helped me through some really hard times this past year. I’m beyond grateful for having met them! 

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