How to become an asset in an emergency

One of the most important parts of our Adventure Guide Program is our Pre-hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) qualification. We get feedback from participants every program that they felt it was a super constructive and valuable part of their time with us - not only for those looking to feel prepared for outdoor careers, but for gaining confidence in First Aid to a strong level for everyday life. Ken, our current ambassador, takes us through the group's experience of PHEC below...




As our first month comes to a close, we break up our normal rigorous training schedule with a week long Pre-hospital Emergency Care course. We moved up into a huge A frame at Coronet Peak in Queenstown and our instructors came up and taught us at the house. I snapped this photo one morning before class started. Not a bad learning environment.



The idea behind the PHEC course is to arm us with some basic medical and first responder knowledge so that if things go south in the backcountry, our training kicks in and we might be able to help save someone's life.


The week was again packed full of endless new knowledge. I, myself only have my first aid certificate so this course was a huge step beyond that. Our instructors taught us how to administer first aid and and help patients with a simple broken wrist, down to severe spinal and head trauma. They ran realistic scenarios everyday throughout the week to bring the theoretical knowledge into a practical environment.




We spent each night studying as a crew, quizzing each other and finding fun ways to remember all the new content that is thrown at us each day. This course is so intensive and in depth, it’s really nice to have solid friends around to rely on.



After our final exam, a few of the crew and I went out to grab a celebratory beer at a local brewery and then chill and enjoy the sunset. It's been a long week, couldn't have done it without the family.

Onward and upward into next week!  Stay tuned for more adventures!



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If joining Ken's adventures on the Adventure Guide Program sound like your kind of thing, then get in touch! Our main aim is to provide life changing adventures, and PHEC is just one way we hope to add genuine value to people's lives. If you want to learn more about this program, just fire through your details below and we will send a detailed itinerary :)

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