Life Lessons From the New Zealand AGP

Queenstown Adventure Guide Program alum, Robert Istok, shares the life lessons he learned on his 3 month adventure guide program.

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 We woke up at 6 a.m., packed our bags, and set off by 7 a.m. to beat the rain. After a demanding five-hour descent, we paused briefly to hydrate and grab a quick bite. The moment my backpack hit the ground, Adam, our head instructor, declared, “Okay, everyone, compasses out —let’s shoot a bearing.”

This snapshot effectively encapsulates the intensity of our three-month outdoor education program. Whenever we were not tramping or climbing rocks, we practiced what we had learned during class: tying knots, studying the native fauna and flora, and figuring out how to find our way in the backcountry.

If fortunate, we would have one rest day a week to recharge. Intense? Absolutely. Worth it? Unquestionably. This was one of the most meaningful investments I have made in myself. Let’s dig in.

Read all about alumni, Robert's experience on program over on his blog.

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