A Broke Traveler’s Guide to Wonderful Experiences

By: Chloe Saulnier, 21 y/o, Canada

Everyone you know is traveling the world and you are wondering how they can afford to do this? You’re envious, but don’t know where to even start? Since we are all hoping to continue our travel adventures for personal or professional reasons after this trip, a major part of the Expedition Leader Program focuses on travel logistics and management, thus we are continuously learning about things such as budget travel, travel research, and efficient logistics coordination. This helps us save money, time and avoid frustrations. Here are some travel tips our team has learned so far that will make both your heart and wallet happy.


Pick Your Destination Wisely

Some countries are more expensive than others. While the luxury of some Western countries might seem tempting, the affordability of some non-Western regions of the world make them the perfect place to travel. As a bonus, the richness of these cultures will surpass any expectations.

Not spending the majority of your time in large urban centers will also help you save some money. While they are booming with life and fun activities, the tourism industry in those cities are often large economic drivers of many countries and prices are much higher than in more rural areas. Be adventurous and head to the mountains, jungle or visit a small indigenous community. You will help these people sustain themselves economically while avoiding putting a dent in your wallet.

Getting to know locals in Peru


Food, accommodation, transport, personal spending. Make a solid plan for what you will be spending every single day and stick to it. Ensure to research currency exchange rates and build your budget on your home currency. This will make it easier for you to keep track of how much you are actually spending.

Ask The Locals For Recommendations

No one knows the place like the locals. The best deals, food viewpoints, methods of transports- they’ve experienced it all. Asking for recommendations will make planning and budgeting easier, but it will also help you build relationships and connections with the local communities. It’s a win-win-win!


Don’t Be Afraid To Bargain Or Leave

Checking out a restaurant’s menu or asking someone for a quote does not mean you need to commit. If something is above your budget, attempting to bargain prices or simply choosing another place or service provider is totally fair and in your best interest.

Bring Your Friends Along

While this is not always an option for everyone, traveling in a group can save you some money in many ways. Groups often get better prices per person than individuals for things such as transport, accommodations and entry tickets to sites, thus when given the opportunity, consider traveling with some friends or other backpackers.

Do Your Research Prior To Arrival

This will not only save you tons of time, but it will allow you to know whether you are getting the best deal possible. If you consider all of your options before arriving anywhere, you will be able to find the best options for the most affordable price. As any wise person knows, knowledge is power (and in the case money!).



The list does not end here, and a lot of this sort of stuff can only be learned through experience and practice. Thinking ahead of the game and expecting the unexpected are also essential to a successful voyage around the world. If you are interested in traveling or working in this industry, learning about travel logistics and management is crucial to your development. The Expedition Leader Program is the perfect opportunity to learn from people with tons of experience also experiencing it yourself. This unique program could be what you have been searching for!

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