How To Afford A New Zealand Adventure?

So you've decided that you want to lock in an epic adventure in New Zealand, but you're not quite sure how to stretch the bank to make it work? Working out how to fund one of our programs is tough, but certainly not impossible. With a bit of planning and work, everyone can save up for a trip of a lifetime. We have put together our hints and tips to make it easier for you to make your dream become a reality.

  • Installment plans. We offer personalized payment plans to help you out. All we need from you is a 15% deposit within 7 days of the interview, and full payment 90 days prior to departure. Everything else is fully flexible! Just enquire with our advisors about setting up a more personalized payment plan.
  • Make a few lifestyle changes. A few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your finances. Try cutting out expensive habits like eating out and getting daily takeaway coffees or replace your gym membership with outdoor runs for example. Find a few more useful tips here.
  • Pick a shorter adventure. Last year, we launched a 6-week Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand that cuts your costs by no less than $5000! This shorter version of our Adventure Guide program includes two weeks of Bush training, two weeks of Rock training, First Aid, and Swift Water rescue certifications, all jam-packed into 42 days based in the stunning resort town of Queenstown!
  • Work in New Zealand. Some of our program participants decide to stay in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa prior to or after the program and work a few months to cover the costs. There are plenty of jobs up for grabs during the busy summer and winter seasons! And if you want to get everything arranged for you, you can even join our Work & Train Program which includes a 3-month paid work experience specifically in the adventure tourism industry, a great asset for your resume if you want to start an adventure career path!


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