Highlights from the NZ Bush

Highlights from the bush module from the 2018 March intake of our Queenstown (New Zealand) Adventure Guide Program. Epic landscapes were explored as we turned the outdoors into the classroom!

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18th November 2018

Springtime in New Zealand...?

18th November 2018

Rob Roy galcier trek with some awesome clients. As the program comes to an end our teams are heading up half and full day treks and climbs with real clients from the Queenstown area. Putting all their guiding skills to the test.

17th November 2018

Over the last two weeks, our Adventure Guide groups have been learning all about swift water safety. How cold water affects your ability to move and react, how to understand moving rivers, identify safe zones and areas to avoid. And how to rescue people in dangerous situations. All great stuff to make you a more useful and confident outdoor hiker/swimmer/kayaker/friend!

15th November 2018

Guiding is easy when you have awesome clients!!

15th November 2018

A good crew, a roaring campfire and a few good stories to tell. When was the last time you had an awesome outdoor adventure?

14th November 2018

When the students become the teachers. Here's Rosie keeping a watchful eye on her clients as they belay each other up hero wall. Well done guys! As part of the Adventure Guide Program, students spend some of their final weeks practising what they've learned with real clients. It's a fantastic point of realisation to be able to see really how much has been learned along the way, and how much confidence they've gained in the outdoors. Whether they go on into outdoor careers or not, this confidence in themselves and in the outdoors is the biggest thing they can take away.

13th November 2018

Throwing back to a beautiful walk along a windy ridge on the Kepler track. Epic views!

12th November 2018

Putting all their training into practice, the mountain goats up at Rob Roy Glacier in Wanaka today leading real clients on a day hike. Love your work!

11th November 2018

Team three visits Wanaka Search and Rescue with Paul Rogers. Getting a run down on how a rescue is planned and operated.

9th November 2018

Catching the alpineglow on Aoraki Mt Cook

9th November 2018

Catching the alpineglow on Aoraki Mt. Cook.

8th November 2018

The adventures never end. Throwing back to the teams first multi-pitch climbs together in Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park. The views never disappoint, and something about being strapped to a mountain 120 meters off the ground gets your blood flowing. All other distractions fade, and nothing else matters but the moment you're in right then.

7th November 2018

Scanning the wall for their next climb, gear in hand.

6th November 2018

Rob Roy Glacier Track with the team. Beautiful day with a buncha goof balls.

5th November 2018

Taking a little walk on the west coast to break up a busy week of guiding.

2nd November 2018

Hey Mom! Just messaging from the middle of a 100ft cliff face in New Zealand....

1st November 2018

Little Rosie and sloth man Sam cruise up the corner arette on lower Kai wall in Wanaka yesterday. These guys are total crushers!

31st October 2018

Having a play at Castle Hill.

31st October 2018

Happy Halloween y'all! From the Adventure Guide Program and Pure Ex crew in New Zealand πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΎπŸ˜ΉπŸ’€πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈπŸ€ 

29th October 2018

Team three tops out on the summit of Alex Knob at 1, 303 meters and are greeted with an epic view of the main divide bursting out of a sea of clouds and the Frans Josef glacier smack dab in the middle.

28th October 2018

Dana Ester was one of the inspiring students that joined us in 2017 for our Adventure Guide Program based in New Zealand. People come on our programs for a range of reasons - some as a break from study to spend time focusing on themselves, some to simply fill their lungs with fresh air for a few months, some hoping to begin a lifetime career in the outdoors. From the start Dana knew she wanted to work in the outdoors, and was looking for the framework and confidence to set off on her own journey. We loved having her with us over her three months in NZ, so it was really cool to see an update pop up in the inbox sharing where she is now. Check it out! https://bit.ly/2JjHBKU

28th October 2018

Team three rolling in the deep for a much needed "rest day" mountain biking in Wanaka.

27th October 2018

And an epic week it was. My team and I are on our 4th hiking module this week. We split into groups of 2 and each group lead the rest of the crew that day. Shout out to Gab and Joselyn for an incredible day full of even better sights to see. I set my tent up a few feet from the water of lake Paringa And woke up to a mirror lake, then we hiked to the summit of Alex Knob at 1303 meters and were greeted with a beautiful display of clouds and the mountains of the main divide. As above so below almost. - Ken

26th October 2018

Fiordland, doing what it does best - being incomparably amazing! Ancient native forests, rare plants, incredible birdsong, dolphins, fiords, lakes...

26th October 2018

The team has a play on the boulders at Castle Hill during a week of epic exploration up the West Coast and through Arthur's Pass.