Hemisphere Hopping

Cathal from Cork and a participant of the Adventure Guide Program in Queenstown shares his journey so far with us.

I have come a long, long way from home. Two days travelling to be precise (Cork - Heathrow - Singapore - Sydney - Queenstown). The final leg of the journey, Sydney to Queenstown could not have been more fitting, and what I mean by that is this... I land in Sydney from Singapore, arrived into torrential rain and generally terrible weather, so after two days of travel and an X amount of plane whiskey & wine I just could not wait to get here. So as I was saying, Sydney, atrocious weather, feeling atrocious myself but tried to stay positive which was tough whilst feeling like a feral stray dog.

Eventually after a bit of confusion as to where in the name of god I had to go for my last flight (of course) I stumbled onto the plane that is bringing me to the promise land. 20 minutes into my flight, above the clouds and rain, the weather started to clear, the flight was smooth and my wanderlust was well and truly back in business. Had 'TREE' seats to myself (because pronouncing TH's as an Irish man isn't the style back home). Then shoved some food and drink into me and I was feeling right as rain (hypocritical statement due to my previous circumstances). I heard the captain announce our approach into Queenstown, into this place I had only dreamt of, I looked out the window and there she was, the glorious island that is New Zealand, at the opposite end of the world to where I am from and I just thought to myself "Bring it on baby".
On our final decent into Queenstown I was overcome with all sorts of emotions, you name it, I felt it but mainly positive (besides the fact I genuinely thought we were going to smash into the mountains that we were so casually gliding around and what seemed to me as metres away from the mountain tops) but its safe to say we landed safe and sound and I was so filled to the brim with restlessness I could of asked the pilot to leave me out the window. Anyway exited the plane, thanked everyone as if they were after just giving me the future winning lotto numbers. I then sauntered through customs and baggage claim waiting for something to wrong, something to be missing but I can gladly say I was wrong, it could have not gone more smoothly!
Out I stepped into my new world, my new life and my new adventure and into a gorgeously crisp spring afternoon, not a cloud in sight....life is sweet. To say I was relieved is an understatement. I arrived a week before I started the amazing course that is "Pure Exploration", so I tracked down a lovely hostel called the "Black sheep hostel" (ironic in my opinion but ill save you the chaos for another time) So a week to kill in Queenstown is easily done, I lived like a king, with the bank account of a pauper and had a great time, I have fallen in love with the place already (but its prices for pretty much ANYTHING is a small bit debatable, need to email someone about that soon)
Felt prepared and ready to take on a life changing three months with Pure Exploration that I will explain in a lot more detail as the weeks go on! 
To conclude my very brief experience of travelling into the abyss I must say one last thing.
Before you take your nervous steps off that cliff you call your goals/dreams and hurdle towards your new life, approach it with grace, confidence and excitement, and you will land comfortably where you want to be, but not to worry you can leave out a fearful scream every now and then.
Peace and Love,

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