Alumni update - Mark's new life at AJ Hackett Bungy

We love hearing what our program alumni are up to after their time with Pure Exploration. People come on our programs for a number of reasons, so it's awesome to see where they head off to next, and if that is what they had planned or if their life has taken a whole new course post-program!

Mark Clover was a participant on our Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand in March 2018. Let's check in and see what he is up to now..




Who am I/?

My name is Mark, I'm from the UK, I worked in the outdoor industry for a few of years prior and had been on four expeditions prior to coming to NZ.


Why did I do the AGP (Adventure Guide Program)?

After working for an outdoor activity company in the UK for four years, I decided that I needed to get some qualifications that weren't just in-house trained, I could have just booked on some courses in the UK, but I couldn't get the hours off work to get the logs required. 

With Pure Exploration I could get my training and logs done within the three month programme and use the work experience afterwards to cover the cost of coming to New Zealand and doing the course. It seemed like the ideal combination to get trained.

 bridge 1000

summers hut 1


A definite advantage of the AGP was helping me find work afterwards, even with the limited job opportunities coming into the winter period they still managed to use their contacts and find me a decent job working for the home of Bungy, AJ Hackett. Now I help throw people off bridges everyday haha, using my rope safety skills, my knowledge of health and safety and leadership skills learned on the program. The team is awesome and we have loads of cool staff events and activities. There are loads of young people working for bungy so I've met heaps of people too.


bungy mix

 - - -

We are stoked Mark is still in Queenstown and loving his new job. Bungy have a cool new product just released too - the Nevis Catapault! It looks all-time!


If you want to follow Mark's path and get into the adventure tourism industry, take some time to check out the itinerary for our Adventure Guide Program. Fire through your details below and we can email one your way.

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20th March 2019

Adventure Guide Program crew meeting some key adventure tourism industry employers from around New Zealand tonight at our networking event. It's so great to be able to make these connections and get CVs straight into the key recruiters hands.

19th March 2019

Step away from the desk job and join us for a few months of outdoor fun. Go on...

17th March 2019

Orientation week in New Zealand is a chance to settle in, get to know your new team mates and explore this new land which will become home for the next 12 weeks.

14th March 2019

What types of people come on our programs? People from all over the globe join us for adventure travel missions. Generally we see people who are between 19 - 32 years old - taking a break before college, taking a break for getting into the workplace, taking a break from their work desk! It's all about immersing yourself in the outdoors, forgetting the pressures of everyday and enjoying feeling fit, healthy and renews by visiting new places. Join the crew!

12th March 2019

A good spot for reflection (and a cup of tea) after a big week exploring the New Zealand back country.

10th March 2019

It's time to get the hiking backpack out of the cupboard and buy a ticket abroad. Go on....

8th March 2019

Our adventure travel programs are all about living life to the full, getting away from your work desk, putting down that phone and refreshing your soul. Fresh air, fascinating cultures, like minded mates, learning new skills. Join the crew and take some time to focus on you!

8th March 2019

When your thousands of kms from home, if you're lucky, you'll find another kind of oddball/amazing family to call your own.

7th March 2019

Happy #internationalwomensday ! Women lead the way in so many ways. We are proud to offer young women from around the world the chance to gain confidence in themselves and their skills. Bring on the future!

6th March 2019

Views for days

5th March 2019

New kiwi maaaaaaaaates... 🐑🐑🐑

5th March 2019

A huge welcome to the newest crew to join us for an Adventure Guide Program. Enjoy your awesome Orientation Week, then it's business time!

3rd March 2019

Outdoor climbing is a bit scary and can take you a bit to get your head around. But like anything else that pushes you out of your comfort zone, the elation felt with nailing it is unreal! Would you be game to hang from a 20 metre rock face?

1st March 2019

From ultra-light bivvy bags, moisture wicking tops and merino bottoms, to polarized sunglasses, flint firelighters and seam-sealed jackets ... gear nerds are our kinds of people.

1st March 2019

Hailing from: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, USA, Australia, Greece, Poland and Canada!!! Introducing the March Adventure guide crew on their first day in Queenstown 🙌 Welcome team we are so stoked to have you here!

26th February 2019

We love seeing the pics roll in from our Adventure Guide Programs. Good times speak for themselves, don't they!

13th February 2019

Nor'west skies are red, Guide ropes are blue, Coffee brewed over campfire black Means a great day ahead its true... Happy V day team, hope its filled with things that put a smile on your dial! 🥰

11th February 2019

The next great crew of explorers hit the kiwi shores and begin their adventures. Welcome team! 🤴👸

10th February 2019

Sunday lake hangs to combat the steamy NZ summer

9th February 2019

Some of the cute locals you'll meet when on our Adventure Guide Program in Patagonia! Find out more about this program here..

7th February 2019

When you think of New Zealand, do you think of spectacular mile high mountains with cascading waterfalls, deep ancient rainforests filled with stunning native birdsong and wild deer? You're right, you know. We go here on our NZ Adventure Guide Program. It's pretty rad, to say the least.

7th February 2019

Yesterday was our national holiday in New Zealand, called Waitangi Day. Goes without saying that the AGP crew spent the day doing typical kiwi things, like doing bombs off bridges into the river and eating fish and chips. Chur bro.

6th February 2019

Rocking their way through the weekend in beautiful Wanaka, the AGP crew are getting into their first climbing module! @ Wanaka, New Zealand