Alumni update - Mark's new life at AJ Hackett Bungy

We love hearing what our program alumni are up to after their time with Pure Exploration. People come on our programs for a number of reasons, so it's awesome to see where they head off to next, and if that is what they had planned or if their life has taken a whole new course post-program!

Mark Clover was a participant on our Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand in March 2018. Let's check in and see what he is up to now..




Who am I/?

My name is Mark, I'm from the UK, I worked in the outdoor industry for a few of years prior and had been on four expeditions prior to coming to NZ.


Why did I do the AGP (Adventure Guide Program)?

After working for an outdoor activity company in the UK for four years, I decided that I needed to get some qualifications that weren't just in-house trained, I could have just booked on some courses in the UK, but I couldn't get the hours off work to get the logs required. 

With Pure Exploration I could get my training and logs done within the three month programme and use the work experience afterwards to cover the cost of coming to New Zealand and doing the course. It seemed like the ideal combination to get trained.

 bridge 1000

summers hut 1


A definite advantage of the AGP was helping me find work afterwards, even with the limited job opportunities coming into the winter period they still managed to use their contacts and find me a decent job working for the home of Bungy, AJ Hackett. Now I help throw people off bridges everyday haha, using my rope safety skills, my knowledge of health and safety and leadership skills learned on the program. The team is awesome and we have loads of cool staff events and activities. There are loads of young people working for bungy so I've met heaps of people too.


bungy mix

 - - -

We are stoked Mark is still in Queenstown and loving his new job. Bungy have a cool new product just released too - the Nevis Catapault! It looks all-time!


If you want to follow Mark's path and get into the adventure tourism industry, take some time to check out the itinerary for our Adventure Guide Program. Fire through your details below and we can email one your way.

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18th September 2018

Beautiful intro to hike module 1 with a day hike in Arrowtown! Team 3 was introduced to new navigation skills including compass and map reading, identifying local and exotic flora and fauna, and some people skills to go along with guiding. Ivor entertained the team with stories and facts along the way to split up the trek. What a way to spend your Tuesday!

17th September 2018

If you see an out of office on our emails today, this is why.

17th September 2018

Some surprise snow for Spring in Queenstown, New Zealand! Movie day for our team ❄❄☃️

10th September 2018

Founder Zach instructing team three on their first day on the rock. Pure Exploration's immersive and hands on program takes first time climbers and trains them to be rock leaders. Giving them the tools and knowledge to pass on to future climbers. At first sight the walls can be intimidating, but the intimate teaching environment and one on one instructor-trainee relationship gave these first timers the confidence to send their first routes.

9th September 2018

We currently have three groups in Queenstown, New Zealand taking part in the Adventure Guide Program. Here's Team three packing up their twelve person van like absolute pros!

9th September 2018

Team three setting up camp in Wanaka for their first week of climbing. Not a bad view, I guess!

6th September 2018

When adventure guides meet Real Country

6th September 2018

Guys, meet Team Honey Badger. We can tell its gonna be a good 3 months!

5th September 2018

Double cone in the setting sun. Queenstown is truly amazing. The perfect place that lends inspiration for all of us aspiring adventure guides. #neverstopexploring

5th September 2018

Team two crushing the poses around Queenstown today, and perhaps catching the occasional goat! Orientation week has gone off without a hitch and everyone is really bonding as a unit. Can't wait to get on the trail next week!

3rd September 2018

John from Real Country showing @crystalgraham_ from our August Pure Ex crew how to drench a hogget (giving them a dose of vitamins!). Thanks again to Real Country for an amazing afternoon of fun and learning. Cheers!

3rd September 2018

Because its there - George Mallory.

3rd September 2018

The NZ AGP September crew getting a feel for their new hometown!

1st September 2018

Pure Exploration's Adventure Guide Program is a three month immersive outdoor guide training program. Twelve strangers from around the world learning and pushing new boundaries together. You live with your crew, you cook with them, eat with them, travel, hike, climb, sweat and struggle with them. They become like family. Your #pureexploration family! Learn more about this program here

1st September 2018

Experience real New Zealand culture with Pure Ex. Like sheep. Literally millions of sheep.

30th August 2018

Hey guys, just want to introduce Ken Shafer who will be taking part in our Adventure Guide Program that started this week! Can't wait to see what goes down in the next 3 months Ken! 💪

29th August 2018

Are you keen to work in the adventure/expedition industry? Our Expedition Leader Program will set you up with an impressive CV of skills and experience. There is no other program in the world that specifically offers the core skills required to become an expedition leader whilst immersed in the Andes and the Himalaya. It's 3 months of immersive learning. Check it out here

29th August 2018

Make your #StudyAbroadGoals come true with our mates Lonely Planet and STA Travel and enter to win a study abroad experience in 2019! (We have a few ideas on how you could spend this prize... 😜) Winner gets a scholarship, flights, and lots of travel goodies + there are weekly giveaways that you can’t miss!

27th August 2018

Founder Zach getting to know the new team.

27th August 2018

Day 1 of the AGP in New Zealand! New crew has arrived, the sun is shining, 12 weeks of good times await!! @ Arrowtown

26th August 2018

Yes our programs are all about constructive travel, learning specific skills to help you in the outdoors or negotiate team situations for volunteering. But let's not forget what may be the most awesome part of our programs - the people you will meet! You'll meet guys and girls from all over the globe doing super interesting things with their lives. Bring on the good times!

26th August 2018

What does a normal day look for someone on a Pure Ex Adventure Guide Program? Let's see!

26th August 2018

Tomorrow another group of awesome peeps from around the globe will begin their three month Adventure Guide Program with us in New Zealand! Kerie and Zach have been super busy preparing all the kit needed for their time dominating the outdoors. Bring it on!

23rd August 2018

Wilderness first aid might make the difference between life and death one day. If you don't learn it for your own benefit, do it for your hiking buddies! Knowledge is power 💪

22nd August 2018

After a big hike on a cold morning, how outrageously good is that cup of tea? Why does everything taste better out in the bush? Because it's earned!