Alumni update - Ethan's journey from London to NZ's back country

Ethan joined us in March 2018 for the Adventure Guide Program in New Zealand. We loved his cheeky sense of humour and great attitude. It's so awesome for us to hear the impact our program as on people and even perhaps change the direction of their lives. Here's an update we got from Ethan last week:


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My name is Ethan Willis, I’m from the UK, just outside of London. I’m 23 and I came from a background of very limited outdoor activities being from such an urban area. I left school at 16 and went on to further studies and had various jobs to earn some money, to fund my desire to travel. Which led me to New Zealand in 2016 for a few weeks. Once wasn’t enough for me so I wanted to find a longer term, supporting program to help set me up in New Zealand. Which brought me to AGP (Adventure Guide Program).


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The mixture of being supported and set up in NZ and more specifically Queenstown, while getting to do crazy outdoor activities AND get qualifications from it was what really sold me on the AGP program. As well as this, something I learnt while doing the program was that the team were interested and very helpful to each of our individual needs and it felt more personal, they were very helpful, and still are even after finishing.

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 After the course I returned back home for the summer with a return flight already booked back; I did the course for the experience and really just to get back to NZ for a longer time, but after doing the AGP my aim and hope now is to return to NZ with a guiding job. It’s given me a whole new perspective on life and changed me from a Londoner to someone who just wants to be in the outdoors.

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If Ethan's story is something you can relate to (or would like to make your own) then get in touch! We have a range of programs that appeal to young people looking to travel, whether you are into expedition travel, volunteering, or a career change. Email us below!

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Founder Zach instructing team three on their first day on the rock. Pure Exploration's immersive and hands on program takes first time climbers and trains them to be rock leaders. Giving them the tools and knowledge to pass on to future climbers. At first sight the walls can be intimidating, but the intimate teaching environment and one on one instructor-trainee relationship gave these first timers the confidence to send their first routes.

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When adventure guides meet Real Country

6th September 2018

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