6 things you should know about the Adventure Guide Program in Queenstown, NZ


Are you interested in the Adventure Guide Program but feel like you need to know more information? You’re in the right place! We have put together 6 things which will help you get a better idea of what this program looks like, and what you can expect!

We appreciate that it’s a real investment to embark on a three month program overseas, and therefore we want to make sure we equip you with as much information as you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is what you’re looking for. So, what should you know about the Adventure Guide Program?


1. Places you will go

As you may already know, whilst in New Zealand you will be nestled in between the mountains and lakes, living in the beautiful beating heart of Queenstown. The weather can be unpredictable during certain times of the year and therefore can impact on both the itinerary and locations you visit. However, in general, you can also expect to spend time in Wanaka, Dunedin, Fox Glacier, Milford Sound and Mount Cook. These are all magical places which are also located on the South Island of New Zealand. They have been mindfully chosen due to the hiking and rock climbing available, plus their stunning scenery and renowned reputation! 


2. Where you will stay

Over the three months you will stay in a myriad of different accommodations, however for most of your program you will stay in one of our lodges located in Queenstown. Your new housemates will be the other program participants and you should expect to share bathroom and kitchen facilities. You’ll get the opportunity to live, eat and play as part of the Pure Exploration family! Whilst exploring other places on the South Island you can expect more lodge accommodation, Department of Conservation (DOC) huts and camping. Of course, all tents and camping gear is provided, so there’s no need to panic about fitting that in your luggage to ship over! If you’ve never camped before, then lucky you, you’re in for a treat. In our humble opinion there’s no better or more rewarding way to explore the outdoors.


3. Hard skills you’ll learn

The program is comprised of four, five-day training modules for both rock (climbing) and bush (hiking). You will rotate between the two modules week by week, with the first half spent learning the necessities. The second half will be focused on practicing and consolidating these skills. For rock you will get the opportunity to research the location and crags as well as history of climbing in the area, routes, hazards, geology and weather forecast. In addition to growing into a confident climber yourself you will also be able to demonstrate effective safety management. You will also lead and manage a group for an introductory rock-climbing session. We cater to mixed abilities on the Adventure Guide Program in Queenstown but there are opportunities to climb up to a grade 23 at the places we tend to visit, for those of you who are looking for a bit more of a challenge. Your learning outcomes for bush will vary from orientating maps and understanding and describing scales, to understanding both the natural and cultural history of the area as well as the local flora and fauna. Further along the program you will spend time focusing on river crossings, fire lighting and building shelters. Hikes you undertake will vary from day walks to a couple of five-day walks, one of which you and the group will lead yourselves (in order to use your newfound, amazing leadership skills)!


4.Qualifications you’ll gain

The Adventure Guide Program is designed to give participants the opportunity to obtain outdoor guiding certifications. If you’re looking to pursue a career in outdoors guiding then it’s important to get yourself certs that are going to be both well recognised and well known, as well as highly respected. Fret not, for these reasons Pure Exploration work with NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) for the bush and rock strands of our Adventure Guide Program. NZOIA certs are particularly great qualifications to have as New Zealand has an outstanding reputation in both outdoor and adventure pursuits. These quals look sweet on your resume, especially in North America and Europe where they’re highly regarded by employers. In addition to NZOIA Rock Leader and NZOIA Bush Leader quals, participants can also expect to walk away with their PHEC first aid and Swift Water Rescue certs. PHEC stands for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and it’s something we take seriously here at Pure Exploration. In fact, we fly a company down from Taupo for the five-day course - that’s how much we value the quality of this training. Swift Water Rescue is a two-day course and it’s been designed with the aim of extending on hiking leader river safety. After an intense two days you will have confidence and a thorough understanding of how to deal with any water emergencies that might present themselves whilst guiding or exploring in the wild outdoors.


5.What other activities you’re likely to take part in

We know what you’re thinking, what else is there to do when you’re not climbing, hiking or erecting tents? Great question. Queenstown isn’t notorious for being ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ for just any old reason, it is basically a huge, dramatic playground for adults. Pack your big boy (or girl) pants as you can expect to be swinging, jumping and running off all sorts of things! Queenstown is home to a vast assortment of adventure activities and although they’re not usually included in the cost of program, we do have some local deals we can hook you up with. Think skydiving, jet boating, river boarding, helicopters and rope swings – that’s everyday life in Queenstown. Previous groups have enjoyed visiting famous sites, eating from equally famous burger joints (Fergburger anyone?), mooching around farmers markets, drinking in breweries, visiting penguin colonies and swimming in every water source available to them. Oh yes, anything goes. Pure Ex Alumni, Inger-Lise, created this inspiring video from her AGP earlier this year. It’s packed with “behind the scenes” footage and is oozing with the feel-good factor – check it out if you’re prepared to jump on a flight to NZ straight away! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

6. What personal development and leadership skills you can expect to gain

One of our key roles at Pure Exploration is to facilitate participant’s personal development journeys. The nature of the Adventure Guide Program is to create positive change within each individual. The program consists of a core syllabus of personal development and leadership skills, with participants learning relevant models and theories. You should expect weekly workshops and discussions surrounding the subjects. Month one focuses on personal development, resilience, team bonding and building. You will be introduced to various action-based learning activities, be comfortable giving and receiving feedback and take part in a goal setting workshop. This is a valuable experience where you can plan and lay down the foundations needed to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals. Month two will focus on group dynamic and outdoor theory, by the end you will have the chance to run a group reflection/debrief and have a thorough understanding of what makes an effective team. Your final month will be based around leadership, and you will all take turns in leading the group day by day. This includes managing timings, logistics and teaching sessions. Regardless of whatever reasons there were for signing up to the program initially, the focus on personal growth and leadership is always a big hit with program participants!

Where to from here? If you’d like some more information about our Adventure Guide Program in Queenstown, our Adventure Guide Program in Patagonia or our Expedition Leader Program, our team would love to hear from you! We still have a single spaces left for our Queenstown September 2019 program (at 2019 pricing!) or alternatively we have several dates for 2020 departures already. What are you waiting for?


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Such a great day and milestone for New Zealand, our home. An early and tough lockdown meant we now have zero cases and life from midnight tonight is set to look almost normal! We look forward to welcoming you into our bubble soon, as other countries begin their own recovery. 🎉🎉


We're excited to announce that our Outdoor Essentials online program is now underway! Thanks for all of the support so far, we're pretty pumped to get back in the classroom even if that means indoors! If you're interested in one of our courses, talk to us today! We'd love to hear from you. https://www.pureexploration.nz/online-adventure-training-programs/


Start preparing for the good times ahead with our Online Adventure Training Programs! Study in your own time with one of our 4 - 8 week programs taught by NZOIA qualified Hiking and Rock Climbing Instructors. Program Topics; 1. Outdoor Essentials 2. Global Citizenship 3. Mindset & Resilience 4. Jungle & Altitude #stayhome but #staylearning and lock in your core skills today! Visit our website for more details: https://www.pureexploration.nz/online-adventure-training-programs/


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Caroline McQuistan has touched down in New Zealand for the Adventure Guide Progam based in Queenstown. Over the next few weeks we will follow the crew with Caroline's updates as they begin their technical climbing and hiking modules and explore our beautiful corner of the world! Learn more about this program here https://hubs.ly/H0n7k1C0


It's officially the end of an era as we say goodbye to our Sales Account Manager and original member of the Pure Exploration team, Kerie Stewart. Kerie has been a part of the Pure Ex fam since day one, joining the team in the pursuit of setting up a company which was committed to teaching eager participants the skills required to become successful Adventure Guide's here in Queenstown, NZ whilst undertaking some epic missions along the way! Kerie, we'll all miss you immensely but we're looking forward to catching you up the mountain or by the lake for a drink. We're sure our pool of graduates will join us in wishing you the best of luck with your future ventures and thank you for everything you've done to make Pure Exploration the place it is today!


We are proud to work alongside the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust and are thrilled that our students get to work alongside, and learn from, their deeply passionate and driven team! This excellent charity is committed to helping grow and plant native species within the Wakatipu Basin and would hugely benefit from receiving funding from 2020 Crux/The Hills Charity Gold Day. If you have a spare few minutes please take the time to click on the below and place your vote. 🌲🌲🌲


We think the biggest benefit of travel is the feeling of reinvigoration and inspiration you feel from surrounding yourself with new things. Shake away the dust, move those limbs, challenge the mind. Our Adventure Guide Programs are an epic way for people to get a foot in the door to a hiking or climbing guiding career, or the perfect option for those looking for a comprehensive course that helps them gain 100% confidence to navigate, hike, climb, guide and survive in the outdoors. This year our scholarships will offer deserving people the chance to join us on one of our Adventure Guide Program intakes in 2021, based in New Zealand and Patagonia. With more than NZ$200,000 in financial aid available, we are super excited to get some motivated and deserving individuals on our programs that are keen to grab this chance to challenge themselves and grow their leadership skills. We are offering one full scholarship worth NZ$13,975 to a deserving individual who embodies the enthusiasm we have for exploring the outdoors, who demonstrates leadership among their peers, and someone understands the importance of looking after our environment as we enter a new decade with heightened ecological challenges. We will also be offering several Partial Scholarships to people who are keen followers of our story. They will be outdoor lovers who are keen to use hiking and climbing as a way to challenge themselves, who understand the impact experiential travel can have in positive change. Applications close 31st March 2020, so don’t miss out! Learn more here: https://hubs.ly/H0mRsmK0


6 weeks climbing in Thailand? Sign me up! Spend this June and July gaining epic new skills, getting qualified as a climbing guide, keeping fit and exploring paradise... does it get any better?


Following on from the success of the Expedition Leader Program we asked one of our keen and incredible alumni, Chloe, to share her stories and give you guys some further insight into what this three month program (which explores Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, China, Thailand, Laos and Nepal) is like in reality! It's a windy day in Canada, so apologies for the background noise, but every word Chloe spoke came across so authentically that we thought it didn't need redoing, it was perfect as it was! Thank you for your ongoing support Chloe, we love following your adventures - you guys can follow her too on Instagram; 📷 @chloslife2go


Welcome to our January Adventure Guide Program team! Hailing from all around the world we have an awesome bunch joining us from the UK, France, America, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Chile, Ireland and Canada as they hike, climb and canyon around some of the most dramatic and beautiful terrain the South Island has to offer! Keep checking back here and make sure you're following our Instagram account @pureexplorationnz to hear about their latest adventures live from Queenstown, NZ!! 🤙


Did you know we have an Adventure Guide Program in Patagonia, in the deep south of Argentina? Our first ever program in this region kicked off in November last year, with another one scheduled to embark on their journey of adventure in only a few weeks. Andrea, from Canada, took some time out to share a blog she's written on what every day life is like on program based out of El Chalten, the expectations she had, discoveries they've made and the skills she's learnt and sharpened along the way. If you're curious as to what the heck you actually do on a Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Program in Patagonia, this could very well be what you're looking for.


The new year (and new decade!) symbolises new beginnings. As our Queenstown programs wrapped up at the end of last year and our graduates are now contemplating their 'next steps', whilst still processing their journey of development, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the below. Liz, who graduated from our Adventure Guide Program in December, reflects on her 12 weeks spent on the program and the learning's that have unfolded, the memories she's made and the lessons that will remain. And what's next for Liz? She's landed herself a job working for our sister company, Pacific Discovery, as a Program Instructor for 10 weeks. Liz will be joining the pool of Pure Exploration Graduates who have gone on to lead overseas programs and we couldn't be any more thrilled for her!


Australia is in a state of emergency as they are currently experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in Australian history, as rampant bush fires spread fiercely throughout parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We are truly in awe of the strength our Australian neighbours have shown over the last few months as they have demonstrated true resilience and perseverance as they battle the flames. The Australian Fire Service and those voluntarily joining the firefighting efforts have shown bravery in its purest form, they are truly inspiring and deserve tremendous recognition for their efforts. Amongst the news of devastation, losses and heartbreak there are powerful and positive stories of love, community, generosity and hope, which are touching the hearts of many all around the world. We aren’t discounting the sadness of the bush-fires that Australia is experiencing, but we thought we’d use our social platforms to share some of the positive news stories that are being shared that are sometimes overlooked in the media. - Australia has received support from all around the world as firefighters, military support and even teams of wildlife specialists have flocked to assist with the crisis. New Zealand sent firefighters, military and helicopters to support the Australian Defence Force. The US deployed a team of 100 firefighters, with a further 200 volunteer firefighters joining the efforts from the US and Canada. Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Fiji have also offered military support, with Vanuatu pledging $250,000AUD to assist the Rural Fire Service. - Members of the public have been donating money from all around the world to help the Australian bush-fire crisis. Comedian Celeste Barber set up a fundraiser that to date has raised $47 million AUD for The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades. Phenomenal amounts of money have been donated by the masses all around the world. - Animal Rescue Collective has been inundated with offers to make bat wraps, koala mittens and animal beds from keen crafters for wildlife rescue centres. - Emergency accommodation has been provided by residents all around Australia, with strangers opening their homes to families who have found themselves homeless in the wake of fires. New organisation Find A Bed Australia received offers of accommodation from more than 3000 people in only four days. - There has also been a remarkable amount of financial donations from Australian businesses, and celebrities from all around the world. This list could go on and on with heart warming stories that we've heard, and no doubt there are many, many more. Australia, our thoughts and prayers are with you, and it would seem the whole world are behind you too. 🌍💕🙏 If you'd like to donate and provide financial support during this crisis here are some organisations and fundraisers that may help. Australian Red Cross, GIVIT - Goods For Good Causes, The Salvation Army Australia, NSW Rural Fire Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services - QFES, CFA (Country Fire Authority)


And just like that... it was Christmas 2019! To all our Pure Exploration family, friends, followers, supporters and everyone else - we wish you an awesome festive break full of adventure, exploration and good times! 🎅🤶🎄⭐✈


A massive congratulations to "Team Kevin", who were our final Adventure Guide Program intake for 2020. We're so incredibly proud of you guys; you tackled everything we threw at you, smashed through your assessments and had some pretty incredible banter 😆 We loved watching you grow into a close, loving family over the 12 weeks. Good luck with everything, we're looking forward to following your future adventures!


As you may already know, our first ever Patagonia Adventure Guide Program is in month two of three, with ten awesome humans on the ground in Argentina as they hike and climb the incredible terrain the region has to offer. It's always a nail biting time as we want to make sure the team is having the best experience possible in this new Pure Ex territory. Therefore we were truly stoked to have the below feedback in our inbox this morning 😍 "I can genuinely say that the program has exceeded my expectations so far! El Chalten is an amazing village where hiking and climbing is easily accessible. The group setting is pretty sweet too... i definitely enjoy cooking and sharing meals with the gang every night! I am excited to celebrate christmas with this new family :) Rosey is an amazing instructor... She is very laid back but still so organized and efficient!!! I really enjoy that she takes her role to heart... she is always around and available for any questions we might have. She also has so much valuable insight for the development of both hard and soft skills... I see her as a inspiring role model and mentor for this great new career change! I am very grateful that i get the chance to live this adventure abroad with Pure Exploration. I really feel like I am living an authentic Patagonian experience and getting the most i can from the area. I am excited to use this program as a launch pad for travelling and working abroad!" We get the warm and fuzzies whenever we get feedback about the program, and especially when it's about our awesome instructors who are out in the field leading. Thanks Andrea, we're pumped to hear you're having a great time and we're super grateful for the update! 🙏😊🗻🧗‍♀️ P.s This is Andrea jumping off an iceberg by the Huemul Trek. Pretty sweet eh 🤙


New program announcement! Introducing our brand new 33 day Service Learning Leadership Program, kicking off in Cambodia this July! Are you interested in learning how you can maximise the impact you have when volunteering in developing countries? Would you like to become a valuable contributor and not just a volunteer tourist? Do you want to genuinely learn about communities and then apply best practices so you can most effectively create positive change? This program will introduce you to the tools needed to succeed in the service learning space. We're excited to share this program with you, as it's something we're deeply passionate about. If you'd like further information please visit the website link below, or flick us a message! https://www.pureexploration.nz/service-learning-leadership-program/


Did you know we have a 6 week Adventure Guide Program for those of you who are unable to sign up for a full 12 week program? Kicking off on 17th January 2020, we still have a few spaces left for those looking to immerse themselves in hiking, climbing, exploring and frankly, solid good times 👌 Plus you'll walk away with your Pre Hospital Emergency Care and SWIFT water rescue training and certification! Check out the link below for more info 😆 https://www.pureexploration.nz/adventure-guide-programs/adventure-guide-6week/