Fiords and mountaintops - More hiking in NZ

As the Adventure Guide Program progresses, alongside the curriculum, the nature of the hikes and climbs the groups get progressively more complex too. As the group reaches the middle of their program, we sent them with their lovely instructor to the stunning Fiordland National Park to experience the Kepler Track, one of New Zealand's iconic Great Walks.

Check out Ken's summary of their amazing week down south here...

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Here's my favourite pic - our team heading across a small alpine snow saddle after summiting Mt. Luxmore on our 2nd hike module. I snapped this photo just before heading over myself. We got whipped with 70Kmh winds on the summit. It was awesome! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.


We finally mastered the art of packing twelve peoples packs into the boot. It took 6 weeks to get this far!

We started our week by driving four hours to Fiordland National Park. I think we blasted 90’s music the whole way. Everyone was in high spirits and we were all excited to hit the trail.


The main focus of the week was to work on navigation skills, working off compass bearings and map coordinates. I think we all sharpened our skills, and I certainly became more confident navigating and leading a group into the back-country. We had 63 km ahead of us...


Day two my team and I  spent climbing further into the alpie of the Kepler Mountains. Obviously the views only got better the higher we climbed.

It’s crazy hw small you feel up there and how absolutely massive the landscape really is. I felt so humbled to be there and to be sharing it with my team. Our instructor, Kerie was a legend and lead us up without a hitch and shared with us a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding mountains and the Maori culture.



It was cool to see what the team was made of and to be pushed a little bit. On our third day we got dumped on. The rain wouldn't let up, I couldn't really take my camera out without risking water damage. We were taught about weather patterns and reading the clouds in alpine terrain.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop ( for lack of a better expression ) being up there on the ridge. I was surrounded with endless mountain beauty, trekking and exploring with my team. As a photographer it's hard to find a more perfect place to be. Our backcountry “huts” are more like backcountry hotels!



The team had their first summit together. I loved being up there with those guys, to see the struggle on their faces but joy a few seconds later once they caught an eye of a nearby peak that they happen to be higher than.


Despite the iffy weather we ended the week with an amazing cruize through the Milford Sound. It was a great place for the team to take much needed break and take in the sights, myself included.


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As you can see, the Adventure Guide Program really gets you in the thick of the wilderness, with an amazing team and a knowledgeable and inspiring instructor. Whether you are looking for a break from your everyday life or are keen to get into the outdoors fulltime, Pure Exploration is an awesome, effective way of helping you better yourself. Find out more by firing through your details below and we can send you some detailed info about our programs :)







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