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Our time in Peru for the Expedition Leader Program and International Educator Program varies in focus with each course - but both follow a similar itinerary through some of the world's most iconic locations. After landing in Lima and exploring the capital, you’ll head to historic Cusco, to take part in a community exchange. You’ll stay, cook and learn with locals, help with a local project, share stories of your family and community at home and get a feel for what life is really like as a Peruvian. 

Then it’s time to explore the beautiful Sacred Valley region, including the incomparable Machu Picchu. Built in 1450 in the height of the Incan empire. You are sure to be blown away by the setting, history and archeology of this jewel of human history. Our Expedition Leader's will also visit Peru’s famous Rainbow Mountains, as well as snow capped mountains, herds of llamas, glaciers and turquoise lakes - this is the highest trek in Peru, taking you to the wildest and most beautiful areas of the Andes.

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