So you've decided to lock in an overseas adventure, but you're not quite sure how to stretch the bank to make it work?  


Funding your Program


A few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference with your finances.

  • Cut out expensive habits like
    • Eating out
    • Going out more than one night a week
    • Buying new clothes ("Yo, that's fifty dollars for a T-shirt!")
  • Stop paying for things you don't use!

When was the last time you used your gym membership? Go for a hike and throw some rocks around instead! 

Are you still paying for your own Netflix? You know they have multiple profiles per account now, right? 

  • Sell your stuff

You're about to head off for a year of traveling, and you won't need much. Take a leaf out of Steph's (our Program Advisor) book; she sold all her worldly belongings before booking a one way ticket to complete her AGP in New Zealand.  A month or so before you leave, sell your car if you have one! Your parents will thank you for getting it out of their driveway and you'll make a ton of extra spending money.



Every little bit helps. A summer job before your year abroad can pay for your airfare and a portion of your in-country expenses. A few extra jobs here and there can provide some additional spending money or be the extra push you need to fund your gap year.



Everyone on has their own mountain to climb, whatever your personal challenges are you might be surprised how excited the people in your life may be to help you achieve those goals. Take some time to write out a letter, create a video, or meet with people individually to explain what has motivated you to travel or work abroad, how you intend to make the most of your time, and what experience, skills, and perspectives you plan to bring home with you. Start with your family, your church, and small businesses. Go online to use social media platforms like Facebook, or reach an even larger group of people on sites like Go Fund Me or Kickstarter. 



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