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General Questions

How is Pure Exploration different from other program's?


We are a small and specialized company, allowing us to respond to feedback and continuously improve our program's for the changing needs of our participants. We have significant international experience, Adventure Tourism & Tourism experience, and are connected to Climbing Queenstown and Arrow Expeditions. 

Where do the participants come from?

Most of our Participants are from Western Europe, and North America. However we have hosted participants from South America, Asia, Australia and so on.....

What about physical or medical conditions?

We do require a demonstrable ability to conduct low level adventure activities; requires low-moderate fitness

Please discuss with us any physical or medical conditions so we can offer the best advice. 

How do I get more information?

Just hit the enquiry button, send us a message, and we will be in touch ASAP to arrange a time to talk. 

Alternatively you can email us directly on

Fitness & Experience

Do i need any experience in the outdoors?

We can discuss your suitability for the program on enquiry and point you in the right direction. 

We do require a demonstrable ability to conduct low level adventure activities; requires low-moderate fitness

How fit or active do i really need to be?

Demonstrable ability to conduct low level adventure activities; requires low-moderate fitness

What about Eligibility and Registration?

The majority of our participants are between 18-30yo. 

We will discuss eligibility and pre requisites (eg - reasonable spoken english competency) in a phone or skype call with you. 

Explore NZ Summer Program

Will i get To See Much of NZ?

YES! Over three months we travel quite extensively throughout our program. You will visit many towns, National parks, Sight Seeing Locations and areas of interest, many of which are not on the 'standard' itineraries of tour operators or activity providers. The time of year you participate on an Explorer Program will determine which areas/regions of the South Island we visit.


On the Explorer series, the final program component is self directed and includes a self led exercise. During these exercises participants are able to choose destinations, nature of trip (i.e. hike, van tour etc), accommodation and all other aspects. This also allows us to explore any areas, travel styles, or activities each programs travelers are most interested in! Amazing flexibility for the group to customize their NZ experience, while gaining personal development and leadership skills! 

Safety & Security

How does Pure Exploration maintain safety?

Medical & Security Assistance

This is a true advantage and commitment to safety. We retain a medical and security assistance company who provide specialist advice prior to our departures regarding all aspects of our travel itineraries and physical on the ground support in the event of an emergency. Money shouldn’t become an issue because we maintain our insurance levels at a point where we can guarantee a chartered jet to repatriate you home if need arises!



We maintain a ratio of 1 leader for every 6 participants for adventure travel, and our ratio’s change based on the industry best practise standards for our delivery of adventure activities. This means we have really personal levels of support available to you at all times!



Participants are given training early during orientation specific to the country and culture. This includes tips on personal safety, health and hygiene, hazards, food, and much more. Our leaders then monitor and support this throughout the program. Adherence to our few simple behaviour rules ensures this keeps you fully focussed on exploration and development.


External Auditing

Pure Exploration is a subsidiary of Arrow Expeditions Limited (NZ), a government audited and certified Adventure Activity Provider. We are also voluntarily audited by the highly regarded Qualmark New Zealand as a Tourism Operator, and are a partner organisation of the Department of Conservation New Zealand. We strive to exceed New Zealand’s rigorous and proven standards of excellence in tourism and adventure.


Who Can Apply?

Pure Exploration programmes are open to anyone. Generally participants are 18-30 years old, school leavers, university students, graduates or looking for an employment break.

Is there selection?

We do generally screen our applicants. This is on the basis of our program prerequisites, which are generally requirements needed for us to maintain safety. But don’t worry too much, it’s not a selection and requirements are simple and straightforward given the awesome stuff you participate in on the program.

Do I need experience?

Absolutely no experience is required. Just an adventurous, social and active attitude that’s open to being immersed into new cultures, environments and trying new things.

Is this an outdoors program?

This is not an outdoors program. It is an adventure tourism and travel program. It does provide an excellent window into outdoor education or guiding, as it pertains to the adventure industry. We do also cover adventure leadership. However, the program is about personal development and growth through travel and adventure. A big part of that is interacting with the natural environment and experiencing adventure sports.

Who Else Will I Meet?

Will I fit in?

We spend a fair amount of time early in the program focussing on the team spirit and dynamic. You will be surprised how quickly people from diverse backgrounds form close bonds and create supportive, fun and social environments with quirky little routines.

The friends you make, and tightness of the group will be a significant memory and part of your adventure that you will take immense satisfaction from.

Staff & Leaders

What will my leaders be like?

Your leaders are all primarily very experienced travelers and most are outdoors instructors/guides. This means they are generally quite an interesting and diverse bunch. They love sharing experiences and themselves with others, are naturally inclined to be funny, storytellers or social butterflies. They also, to be where they are in their roles, are very grounded in accepting responsibility for others safety and enjoyment; and, are primarily there to facilitate the experiences and development the group is there to achieve.

Eudcational Qualifications

What qualifications will I gain?

On completion of a program you will receive a Pure Exploration Certificate in Adventure Tourism. During your course you will also be awarded an Outdoors First Aid Certificate.

Will I be more employable?

Your new found understanding of the Adventure Tourism Industry, Adventure Recreation and New Zealand destinations, activities and culture will certainly be appreciated by employers in New Zealand and Abroad.

Accommodation & Meals

Will I have to Share?

Your accommodation is generally twin or triple share. Linen is provided and serviced as part of the program fee.

What facilities are there?

Shared spotless showers and toilets, a large kitchen with all neccessary utensils, dining and TV Lounge Area.

Are all meals included?

We include all meals when we are away from our base, although you will have the option sometimes when we are on tour to choose your own meals, at your own cost, so you can enjoy the places we travel to.


We include meals at our base, on the days with scheduled activities. Meals when you are on free time are yours to source. This enables you to get time out, explore or just plain old eat whatever you desire!

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes we do cater for most requirements – Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Intolerant. This is always worth discussing with us on application.

free time

Will I get independent free time?

We generally aim to give you as many evenings and weekends off as possible to allow you to integrate, explore and socialise in our vibrant resort community.


That said, we are either on tour or out exploring for a fair portion of the program! The program is based on modules, so after each module there is allocated free time, and a mid-program break. During the break participants going exploring in groups or solo, and many use their newly discovered passions while there away!

After My Program

Can I stay in New Zealand or Australia and Work?

Absolutely! If you have a ‘Working Holiday Visa’ you are able to stay for a minimum of 12 months in New Zealand. If you are able to obtain a NZ Working or Tourist Visa, you are most likely welcome in Australia our neighbors too, if you obtain the necessary Visa.

Do you help with work?

We do not provide employment placement on our Explorer programs. However, we are well connected in the Adventure Tourism and Hospitality Industry in our region, and can provide excellent advice to get you underway. This includes some employers in America, Australia, and abroad.


On our Adventure Tourism Leadership program we include a work experience module, followed by a 3 month work placement opportunity. We don't guarantee Work Placements, but as long as you have displayed an awesome attitude, and a sparkling personality during your training course (and passed your assessments) then it is likely we will be able to set you up with paid employment for a minimum of 3 months

What are my job chances?

Being able to show employers what you have participated in, and get a recommendation from a NZ Organisation, will be a big help. Whilst we do not guarantee work, or recommendations (these need to be earned!) we think you will be better positioned to obtain employment than most arriving into New Zealand.

Travel Insurance & Visa

Do I need a Visa?

You may need a tourist visa depending on your citizenship - see here:


You will need a Working holiday Visa if you intend to work whilst in NZ / during your program. See below for information and support:

Is Travel Insurance a Requirement? And Why?

Yes. We will require to see proof of your travel insurance for the period you will be participating on our programmes. This is for the unlikely event you have a medical illness or emergency while away with us. We provide all assistance to you in terms of obtaining attention, however you will need your own insurance to cover any costs once you have sought medical advice or treatment.

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