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COVID-19 Information


Don't let Covid-19 worries get in the way of becoming an Outdoor Leader and Expeditioner. If you can't travel this season, we'll switch you onto the next one for free*

The world is taking steps towards recovery after the trail of disruption from COVID-19. Some countries are ahead of others in terms of case numbers, some almost back to normality. Here at HQ in New Zealand we’ve been lucky enough to continue on as if Covid never existed. 

While Covid-19 is still present in many communities it's important that we continue to listen closely to the advice of authorities in regards to where you are ok to travel to and where there are restrictions. But as the global picture improves and we are confident of travel come 2021 and beyond. 


 Our Ease of Mind Policy (Clients after 20/07/21)

● Deposit: Lock in a trip with only a 15% deposit.

● Free date changes outside of 120 days: Change the date and location of your adventure
up to 120 days prior to departure and no change fee will be incurred.

● Alternative Option - Location: Should you be unable to travel to your program destination
due to covid restrictions as detailed by your home country government or the destination
government we will offer a similar itinerary to another of our destinations which has 'like
for like' terrain as your initial location.

● Alternative Option - Time: If we deem an alternative option is not possible, we would
offer a deferral, meaning the original program would take place with its original location
and syllabus (or as close as possible to it) at a later date free of charge.

● Refund: If neither of the above are possible, or deemed acceptable by the traveling party,
Pure Exploration would offer a complete refund.

● Cancellation by the traveling party: Any genuine COVID-19 cancellation by a traveling
party will result in the traveling party having the ability to defer their program to a future
time as per the "Alternative Option - Time" portion of this policy or arrange a partial
refund (at this time we will have incurred program costs that will be irretrievable but we
will refund as much as we can).

For the purposes of our cancellation policy, COVID-19 is either a confirmed positive test within 21
days of departure or a self-isolation order via your local health authority, that precludes travel
under the official government guidance in place at the time (by your home or destination

In the case of the traveling party being unable to provide evidence of either of the above, the
cancellation would be subject to our normal, non-COVID cancellation terms.

*Free deferment for up to two year is available on all bookings made until 31 December 2021. If you can’t attend one of our courses starting in 2021 due to government imposed travel bans, placed on your country of citizenship or the country of your chosen program, we can credit your payments towards a course beginning in 2022 with no deferment fee. All other standard terms apply and rescheduling is subject to availability.   

If you would like a refund instead, the amount refundable is as per our standard terms and conditions, at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation:

  • More than 121 days before departure – Full refund, excluding deposit

  • 91 to 120 days before departure –  50% refund of program tuition, excluding deposit

  • 0 to 90 days before departure – no refund of program tuition


COVID Policies

A snapshot of our general COVID policy and procedures is below:


  • 14 days self isolation with daily health checks logged (including temperature)
  • Physician consultation to screen for increased risk factors and health
  • Contact logging for final checking of causal/direct contact pre-departure
  • Testing within 72 hours of departure
  • Strict safe travel protocols are provided 

Program Arrival

  • Private transportation from the airport or to program start
  • All programs are subject to a mandatory quarantine*
  • Further testing on Day 3*
  • Detailed location specific quarantine procedures specific to the destination and accommodation facility

During Program

  • Small group size, with high supervision ratio is enforced
  • Physical distancing enforced external to the group 'bubble'
  • Avoidance of indoor public spaces, and public spaces where social distancing cannot be observed
  • Pre-checked partner/operator COVID plans
  • Strict enforcement of established protocol where community interaction without physical distancing is required, such as activities and food shopping
  • Transportation and accommodation disinfecting procedures
  • Daily health checks (including temperature)
  • Permission and procedure for student and group isolation in the event of any signs or symptoms of any illness 
  • Behaviour guidelines that reflect our educational and community/environmental engagement ethos, and enables removal of students who do not share or conform to program ethos


  • Continued communications and adherence to our local family, community group and operators advice or guidance who have invited us to collaborate with them.

* Destination & Itinerary dictates testing and quarantine protocol requirements



For more Covid-19 FAQs continue reading…


What happens if, for reasons outside of our control related to COVID-19, Pure Exploration decides to cancel a program before it runs?

You have a couple of options in this situation: 

1. Pure Exploration can pay a refund, the amount will be subject to the timing stated in our standard terms and conditions. 

2. We can transfer you to another program running at the same time but to a different location. 

3. We could transfer you to a later program, subject to availability.


What happens if I decide to cancel my place once I have booked on before departure?

If you decide to cancel your participation in a program, our normal terms and conditions apply. In those, it states the following fees apply at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation:

  • More than 121 days before departure – Full refund, excluding deposit

  • 91 to 120 days before departure –  50% refund of program tuition, excluding deposit

  • 0 to 90 days before departure – no refund of program tuition


What happens if, for reasons outside of our control, Pure Exploration decides to reroute or change the itinerary of a program that I am booked on?

It is possible that a program itinerary may be subject to small changes, or an entire re-routing depending on the global situation. Our first priority is always customer safety, secondly is meeting the educational and developmental goals of our programs. If we feel for any reason that the itinerary booked will not offer the highest level of health and safety or deliver a life-changing experience for our customers, we will be looking to offer alternative locations that deliver a similar yet better experience. 



We are here to talk through any questions you may have in regards to global travel. The situation is changing rapidly, so we will continue to stay updated and let you know of any news we hear. As members of what we consider a global community, we hope that we can continue to support the people we work with in isolated regions, where our presence there brings business to locals and shared experiences and joy. 


Zach Johnston


Pure Exploration