It's your world. what will you make of it?


  • I wanted to gain life experiences and grow personally – 92%
  • I wanted to travel, see the world, and experience other cultures – 85%
  • I wanted to take a break from the traditional academic track – 81%

What is a GAP Year Out?

Gap Year (noun): an experiential semester or year “on”, typically taken between school and college in order to deepen practical, professional and personal awareness.

A GAP Year IS: Experiential learning through some combination of service, internships, real world exploration, work, living away from home, and fun!

A GAP Year is NOT: Sleeping through life, doing “whatever your friends are doing”, or chasing a diploma for the sake of a diploma.


Why Take a GAP Year Out?

GAP Years have been around for a while, but as pressure has increased for young people to be more productive, constructive, agile and adaptable in their academic, professional and personal lives they have become more and more popular.

As global security and disaster concerns increase; and, with the changing nature of pressures being placed on young people increases, they have become the “go to” way for enhancing knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences in a meaningful way.



  • To develop meaningful relationships within and outside of the program with other students, locals and staff.
  • Changing, exciting & inspiring environments, cultural exchange and natural settings.
  • A mind-bogglingly diverse range of experiences and activities.
  • Students lead the way, all the way.  
  • Experiential learning throughout.
  • Diverse accommodation & transportation.
  • To manage own and group budget.
  • Unstructured personal downtime. 


independence & Structure

Leading Firstly themselves, then the group, then their program!

Ultimately at the end of their program Gappers should feel ready to independently take on University/College, work, relationships and life with confidence, purpose, direction and inspiration!

That’s why our programs start structured, and finish unstructured. First we transfer individual management to the Gappers, then group management and finally – program management to the team.

Yes, we said the team. By the end of the program you will be a cohesive team, working together with empathy and purpose, to achieve all aspects of the program.