top reasons parents preferred a gap year:

Not instead of University/College - But in Addition to it!

Focus & Direction for University

  • In the US, only 59% of students are completing 4 year degrees within 6 years of starting. Gappers are completing in 3.75 years on average.
  • 30% of university students are transferring their programs, or taking leaves of absence. Only 16% of Gappers are transferring programs.

Job Satisfaction & Citizenship

  • 86% of past Gappers reported satisfied, or very satisfied with their jobs! Across all employees less than 50% report being satisfied with their jobs.
  • 63% of past Gappers voted in elections, compared to a 36% general turnout.


Parents & Gappers report:

  • Gappers possess more empathy, ability to confront & resolve conflict, and are more communicative.
  • They are better able to relate to others across cultures.
  • They are more resilient, positive, can control emotions and live up to an identity.

What’s Unique About Pure Exploration?

Pure Exploration is a unique program providing hugely valuable experiences and development to our students, that will set them up for life.


We run a structured to unstructured program, giving them all the support they need when settling into a new country at first, and then slowly handing the reigns over to them so that they can take control of their own adventure.


We run all-inclusive programs so the rent, accommodation whilst travelling, transport and even food is included! This gives parents peace of mind and the students the chance to focus on the important things - the new skills they will acquire, gaining important life experiences and enjoying their travel and adventure!


We’re a developmental Program

Because we believe that GAP Years should be an education in addition to university, we focus on facilitating transformational growth and development.


We take away the emphasis on credits, and study. But we explore deeper growth than the intrinsic value of ‘just being there’ on a tour or itinerary based program.


We use a small team of experienced staff, who have the age, maturity, academic and life experience to facilitate meaningful development through the students day to day experiences.


However, more importantly, they have the theoretical knowledge to introduce practical application of our proven academic based skills and knowledge.


The human and social sciences incorporated into our curriculum are introduced through storytelling, conversation (discourse), coaching, mentoring and student reflection.


Leadership Explained

We use two leadership themes in creating our confident, independent and effective young adults.

Self-leadership is about being a high-performing individual.

They will be able to identify, interpret and apply a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes that relate directly to their individual performance. This will stretch across and beyond their effectiveness when contributing and functioning in a community or team environment, giving them cohesion and purpose.


Team leadership is all about influencing and coordinating outcomes from a group of people to achieve a task.

We will slowly introduce our participants to this level of leadership to improve their effectiveness in collaborative work, study and family environments. Understanding the role, challenges and processes of leaders will enhance their ability to perform effectively in anything they wish to put their hand to.


Experiential Learning 

Experiential learning is the crux of our developmental GAP Programs. This is the process of –

Experiential Model Diagram Image

For our students this means that we aim to provide a range of diverse & immersive experiences, with in vastly differing environments.


This means that they will continually grow, and transform through exposure to new environments, situations and experiences.


This is also the basis of an exciting adventure, intense experiences and meaningful relationships!