Accommodation & Transport


Every program is delivered from a 'Base Camp'. This is the location we retreat to for rest and rejuvenation after our travel or adventure excursions. Living communally allows us to share the rich experiences of socializing, cooking shared home meals, story telling, bragging, taking long hot showers, and doing our laundry while being able to contact loved ones back home. We conduct most of our educational components from Base camp.


Our base camp is a private lodge/residence with shared (twin or triple) rooms, large dining and lounge space, shared washing and toilet facilities, and a fully stocked large kitchen. Comfortable and spacious with all the services needed to ensure we can take advantage of our time in Base Camp, exploring and living in Queenstown just like a local.



During the large amount of time we spend travelling or adventuring we use a mixture of accommodation that best meets the needs of exploration and the natural environment we are connecting with. A big part of our leadership & personal development is tied to settings we use for spending our evenings and nights.



Tent Camps are a great way to spend time with your program friends. Often social and intimate, we spend a lot of time coming up with interesting ways to entertain ourselves, whilst getting to know each other, and revelling in stories of what we have done or learned that day.


Our camp sites can be small isolated locations with no facilities in wilderness areas, where you are sleeping with the sounds and sights of nature; or intensely scenic serviced camp grounds with showers, WiFi, other travelers (if they know where to stop) and mowed grass surfaces for your sleeping mat! Either way - they will be scenic slices of NZ, and welcome havens after a day of adventure or travel.



When we're deep in the thick of nature, we often have limited options for accommodation! There will be times when we are able to stay in well appointed group lodges with all the amenities of the city. Frequently, we will use the vast network of 'Back Country Huts' maintained throughout NZ's National Parks. These huts are generally capable of sleeping between 6-30 outdoors enthusiasts on simple communal bunks, in your own sleeping bags. The kitchens range from limited bench space only, to large kitchens with gas cooking stoves and running water and sinks! In most, there are coal fires to keep us cosy and to dry our clothes. The simplicity of staying in Back Country Huts is a unique and memorable experience in itself, and one we thoroughly encourage! Spend the nights playing card games, group games, getting to know other hut guests and letting our imaginations run wild.



Occasionally we stay in Hostel Dormitory Rooms. This is usually if we are in a city or town sightseeing. Its a great way to get some laundry done, jump online, meet other travelers and to base ourselves centrally when we are enjoying exploring an urban area. Talking to other travelers lets you share the depth and intensity of your experience and deepen your appreciation of just how meaningful and awesome your experience is in relation to others!


We believe that to see the best parts of New Zealand, and to pursue that sense of freedom and reward that only comes from truly off the beaten path adventure travel, we need to earn it, and experience it by whatever means is necessary to get to the places special to us, and important to you!

Because of this we use Buses, Vans, Kayaks, Rafts, Mountain Bikes, Touring Bikes, Ropes, and our feet - Driving, Biking, Paddling and Hiking our way into unique and spectacular places that are pristine, unique & special.

We keep it at a level that is comfortable, positive and rewarding for all of us. We want you to have a fun and positive experience that inspires, develops and astounds you - but you've gotta get out of your comfort zone to see the most remarkable places, wildlife, and sights!

 We think - It wouldn't be adventure travel otherwise.